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  1. I've got a very angry friend because the referee awarded an offside from a throw-in. His goal was not conceded and he's outraged. Is it a bug? or just a bad decision? VID-20200504-WA0008.mp4
  2. It's one of the most used options by me: "Clear Entire Team Selection". can you put a button for it?
  3. I finally must say that it works perfectly. There was a mistake in a line of my pics file. sorry ... and thanks!
  4. I tried the first and third line and it didnt work. I've just copied the whole graphics folder from fm2017 to fm2018 root. I will try reinstalling all.
  5. I tried to place the players pics in the folder of Fm2108 and it doesnt seem to work. i created a folder called graphics in this root (as the same way of fm2017): C:\Users\juanr\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018/graphics Then i relaunched the game but it can't able to recognise the old pics. can you help me? do i need to do anything else?
  6. yes. I'm playing with diamond too and my players do it much better with counter mentality.
  7. The 4-3-3 away is a very good tactic. I got suddenly success with it: Home Rovers Vs Burnley 1-0 Away Birminghan Vs Rovers 1-2 Home Rovers Vs Ipswich 3-1 Away Leeds Vs Rovers 0-2 Away Middlesboro Vs Rovers 1-1
  8. I deeply believe that this year has a lot of incongruence. I tried a lot of tactics, with different teams, against diff rivals in different situations and it's the first time in 18 years that i can't plan the next game. It doen't matter if you play at home against the last of the table, you can't play Offensive 'cos they will have 2-3 chances and score every time. You can't play against 4-5-1 (with 5 flat midfielders) unless you play deffensive. If you win 5 games in a row you must be prepared for a next round of 4-5 disappointing results with very low performance. Just when you team learn your tactic they start to play worse. Your key players aren't capable to make 3 games in a row with good performance. Playing against the worst team, offensive, with three strikers, can finish 45 minutes without any shots on goal?. I't absolutely ridiculous I know that it's not important to shoot more than your rivals to score more goals or having more possession, in real football. The real thing it's make key chances and now I suspect that in this game the more important thing to do it's to have a good morale (before and in-game). i tried with Celta Vigo, Coruxo, Dundee Utd & Blackburn Rovers. Yeah, not big teams, but before this year you can't trust in a base tactic to ensure you've got certain control over situation. Now it's imposible. With Rovers, the best team in Championship by far, I played with deffensive, counter, standard and offensive approach with low results. Yes, I win a lot of games but with an absolute control over the situation, without possibility of modify things once started the game. The AI make key chances and I don't know how to do it to win games. I really believe that SIgames can't ignore this kind of constructive criticism 'cos can be frustrating for fm series fans.
  9. One thing that i think it could be improved it's when you exit the game. It asks you if you want to save the game (with options Yes/No/Cancel). Sometimes I pressed "No" by mistake and it could be better that it saves the game by default, or al least with a "tick" option that it could remember your decission.
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