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  1. I've got a very angry friend because the referee awarded an offside from a throw-in. His goal was not conceded and he's outraged. Is it a bug? or just a bad decision? VID-20200504-WA0008.mp4
  2. It's one of the most used options by me: "Clear Entire Team Selection". can you put a button for it?
  3. I finally must say that it works perfectly. There was a mistake in a line of my pics file. sorry ... and thanks!
  4. I tried the first and third line and it didnt work. I've just copied the whole graphics folder from fm2017 to fm2018 root. I will try reinstalling all.
  5. I tried to place the players pics in the folder of Fm2108 and it doesnt seem to work. i created a folder called graphics in this root (as the same way of fm2017): C:\Users\juanr\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018/graphics Then i relaunched the game but it can't able to recognise the old pics. can you help me? do i need to do anything else?
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