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  1. I tried the same formation from picture above, but did not get it all Positive. So I reached to this: Complete Forward and Ball Playing Def are set do Balanced. All other positions set to Positive. I'll test this with Barcelona, simulation 1 season.
  2. I'm tryng to replicate this in FM21, and so far I got this, based on first post: I did not tested yet, just set the positions and formation. What do you guys think I can change?
  3. Nice. I´ll try something like this later today. Get everyone with attacking mentality still impossible, right?
  4. Did you checked the mentality on each position? Can you show a picture of your tactic?
  5. Hi @Andrew James, just to know, it will be possible to fix this before full release, or just after full release? Thanks.
  6. Anyone knows if this bug will be fixed only with the release, or there´s a chance for a beta patch? Training- Training Schedules currently cannot be imported Thanks.
  7. Hype is very high at this moment, but I don´t think Beta will be released before November 10th (exactly 2 weeks before release date).
  8. Please.. Do not change Trainings.. My set up is working very well in FM20...
  9. This is for @Miles Jacobson and SI Team. As we are still facing the Corona Virus around the world, why not release a 20.5 patch, with updated database, and charge for that (I think is more than fair to charge), and release FM21 only around February/March after the winter window? Is that feasible?
  10. Barça will be a very good save in FM21 after Messi said he wants to leave. Let´s see what will happen....
  11. I didnt tested yet, as I think I need to setup little more to make a bit more offensive. Any suggestions?
  12. So, @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! came back strong again with his tactics, so it´s time for the famous question. Anyone tried to replicate this in FM20?
  13. So these are the tactics I'll try to use in a save (did not decided the team yet, but I'm thinking in Benfica, Ajax or Man Utd). I got everyone on Positive Mentality, but to get this, I'll have to go Strikerless (thanks to Guido and his site Strikerless for the ideas). For Home Games and Away, I'll use this one: For Home Games and Team I know I can beat, I'll go with this one: And for Away Games, European Games or when I was underdog, I'll use this one: So, let me know your thoughts on the formations, and suggestions. Thanks
  14. Has anyone here managed to put together a tactic with everyone with an attack mentality in FM 20?
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