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  1. i got his in my 2nd season of 8 mill he wasnt injured just on the transfer list
  2. 1. What team are you managing in your current save? Shrewsbury town 2. What is your favourite tactic, of your own making, to use in your current save? very attacking tactics but with a DM and mentality on counter 3. What formation do you use and what kind of roles do you deploy in your tactic? 4-1-3(AM and wingers not just RM and LM)-2 4. What have you achieved using this tactic? top of the league after 11 games knoked out of league cup, round 3 jp trophy 5. What has been your biggest tactical mistake in-game? some of my signings were too old and a bit rubbish 6. What features of your tactic do you think work best? the attacking- ness 7. What features of your tactic do you think might be weaknesses or don't work so well? i dont change tactics unless against a big team 8. Do you think of yourself as a tactical manager or do you tend to keep things simple? bit of both tactivcal but i then stick to them
  3. it depends what players you have i have just started a season with shrewsbury i have brought in a few good defenders and defensuive midfielders and have set up an attacking formation with the DM covering the defence abnd the mentality of contain and i am winning most games