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  1. Reeson

    Game 2 - Albania Vs Switzerland

    what happened to Eren Derdiyok?
  2. use the Steam backup / restore features
  3. I want to play my FM as fast as possible. I've set my processing preferences to 'Fastest - Do not interrupt', view watch commentary-only, turn off graphic (kit, facepack, facegen etc) & no antivirus/other programs running. What else can i do? I'm thinking of buying a new processor (an Core-i7 perhaps, or is there a better processor for FM?). Does SSD helps? Does more than 4GB of RAM helps (using 64-bit Win7 Home Premium)? Since I'm not going to watch the match in 3D (or maybe not even 2D dots), I assume getting a GPU is useless, correct? Do advise please. Cheers!
  4. well since we're posting japanese, i thought i post my newly-cap japanese england international
  5. Reeson

    Ability to become two-footed

    for some reason, i've never sign a right-only player in the last 7-8 version of CM/FM
  6. if Cahill really does sign, would you guys prefer him to Kos?
  7. Awesome DrBernhard. Just curious whether this framework is meant for use while the game is running (like FMRTE) or simply dealing with save game file (.fm) like FMScout?
  8. reflection, mind sharing your tactic?i suck at tactic : (
  9. Just like in CM0102 where there was this one patch that make match commentary blazing fast. You can finish each half within ten seconds. I don't want to go on holiday on every matchday as this will cause my players to be unhappy (i reckon this is because of assistant's team talk) and I cannot make substitution and such. Thanks.
  10. Reeson

    Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    How do you rate these 3 youngster :
  11. Reeson

    Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    the best i've got so far. excuse the image quality, just using microsoft paint.
  12. How do i keep track of offer being made for certain player? Do i just need to have him in my shortlist or must have to subscribe to him too? The thing about this subscription, it expired for no reason after a while which make me missed on Luis Suarez when he moved to Bayern for 13million. The transfer went unnoticed even I have him in my shortlist.