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  1. Hi Luke, just tested and and it’s all working fine again. Thank you!
  2. Hi Angelos, is is this still under review?
  3. Hi Angelos, Thanks for your reply, I have followed the instructions and added the file to the ftp, save name is 'Journey'. Thanks
  4. Hoping someone can help, having an issue with the iPad version. The game is frozen and won't go past a specific day for some reason. I've tried reloading numerous times and also holidaying past it but neither have worked. The app is fully up to date so I'm stuck for ideas! Any help would be appreciated it's so frustrating! Thanks
  5. Hi all, i currently have have an iPad 4 which FM touch isn't compatible with. Ive been waiting for a new iPad to be released for a while as I saw rumours about it so didn't want to dive in and buy what is currently on offer. I am undecided whether I should buy the new iPad that has been announced or wait for a new iPad Pro or just buy the current iPad Pro. What I want to understand is, what are the main requirements for FM to run well on an iPad now and for at least the next 2/3 releases? Any help or reviews from people that play on different iPad models would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thanks guys. I think I'll just wait and see if a new ipad is released March time. If so, I'll get that and try to play this years touch on it. Let's hope apple announce something soon as I'm missing playing FM too much!
  7. Okay thanks for the reply. If that's the case and I'd be able to play the current Fm touch on a new iPad if it's released then I will wait for that and see. I understand this wouldn't be officially listed as compatible by SI though?
  8. Thanks for the help. That's good that your iPad has lasted 3 versions. My main worry is that purchasing an iPad now would mean that I might only get 2 versions of fm touch out of it rather than waiting and being able to get more. I appreciate there's not really a right answer so the advice is appreciated. Has anyone played touch on a newer tablet that isn't on the compatability list but has good enough specs successfully without issues?
  9. Hi, I currently have an iPad that is way too old to be compatible with fm touch so I'm looking at upgrading. I've seen rumours that there should be a new ipad out this March so I was planning on waiting now for the new one to come out so I don't invest in technology that is instantly out of date and I can then play fm touch on this. I have though seen previous threads which have confirmed that no new tablets would be added to the compatibility list so any new tablets although they may have the correct spec wouldn't technically be compatible. So, my question is would you advise getting a tablet now and being able to play this years fm and if so how many versions can I expect it to last for in the future? Or, wait and get a new version when released and accept I can't play fm until the new release? sorry for the long winded post!
  10. Since posting this I haven't had an awful lot of time to play but I have managed to get some games played while reading through the posts on here. I feel in the last 12 games I really have learnt a lot. In terms of set up, I am playing the same formation just with a few changes in roles and strategy. I am now much more attacking, battering teams in to submission in their own half mainly with a lot of pressing while trying to keep the ball away from my defence! I have lost twice in my last 12, with all goals in the games I lost coming from set pieces further highlighting the poor defensive quality I have but I aim to address this. Long story short, I feel like by playing to my teams strengths and then watching this unfold in game is very rewarding. Hopefully it can continue, along with the quality posts on here which are undoubtedly helping people
  11. Thanks for your help. I will have a play around with different roles and try and be more proactive in the games as you suggested. Any other help/ discussion would be appreciated
  12. Thanks for the advice, reading it makes total sense and I wonder why I didn't do it in the first place. I agree about my defence, improvements are needed. What are your opinions on the roles I have set currently? Other than Neymar. A suitable role for him would be complete forward do you think? Cheers
  13. Hi guys Firstly, this isn't a cry for help without trying to fix it myself. I have been playing with Arsenal for 4 seasons now and have had moderate success. This season I have decided that a change of formation might be a good idea as I have players to win things. I have always played a counter attacking strategy, which I haven't changed. When I compared my squad to the others I have far and above the best passing, creativity, technique through the midfield with decent speed and finishing stats from strikers. My defenders best attributes is their pace and heading while they are poor at tackling and positioning. From this, I decided I needed to sit behind the ball due to my defenders poor tackling and wait to nick the ball back and then attack at speed due to my midfielders technical ability. I then created the shape which is very narrow and set player roles. It is safe to say this really hasn't brought me any success, I have tried watching the games and I control possession well but don't create anywhere near enough chances. Basically, I am really struggling and I would really appreciate some help to get the best out of this team. All help/discussions will be greatly appreciated! Below I have put the tactic I thought would work (clearly wrong) and the stats comparisons against the league; Tactics: Comparison 1: Comparison 2: Comparison 3:
  14. Thanks. I like the sound of the speed of it where I can get a fair way in to the game as I never manage to do this. Haha press conferences in the shower, no need to stop playing IMO!
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