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  1. Had Brazilian regen CB win CL best player award when he was 34, and be a Golden Ball runner up at 35! He retired aged 39 after playing 504 matches for the club. He was still pulling about 7.5 averages and was a first team player at that point. Could have gone on for couple more years probably, but I decided not to give him new contract to let the next generation step in properly... His a definite club legend now!
  2. Thanks for the perfect ME now. It's a thing of beaty, like a butterfly! Really looking forward to FM14!
  3. Even if FM13 was a perfect simulation of real life football you still couldn't use it to predict results with certainty simply because you don't know all the variables involved.
  4. I'd like to see AI managers to properly use and develop their players. It's so disappointing to see eg. player like Messi being completely misused by the AI manager. Real life Messi can score 86 goals in a season FM13 Messi can do maybe 40-50 and that's only one first or second season, by 3-5th season his always down to like 20-30 goals because the AI managers just suck at using their players. Same goes with them being just plain bad at developing new players and giving them chances to play for the first team and get good loans.
  5. Any matches you holiday don't count towards rewards like the manager of the year.
  6. Be aware that it always takes sometime for players to get comfortable playing for your club. Could easily be as long as whole season or even longer, especially if it is a foreign country with a language they don't speak.
  7. To me it seems like players start to lose their fitness too fast after hitting 30. It's very rare to find a player who is able to play in Europes top leagues after 33-34(except for GKs), when in real life those players are relatively common. I mean eg. Frank Lampard is soon 35, Paul Scholes 38!, etc.
  8. My staff members have repeatedly suggested me to train my AMR as right midfielder since he apparently I'm using him in that position and he isn't comfortable playing with it. The weird thing is that my tactic doesn't even USE right midfielder! So is this simply a bug or whats going on here? Also they never seem to suggest training my AML as left middlefielder, which makes that suggestion even stranger!
  9. FM13 was the first ever CM/FM I bought on the release year, let alone the release day. Was a pretty keep reminder why I hadn't done that before, and why I'll never do it again. Edit: Don't want to sound overly negative because I love these games, but buying them later saves you both headaches and money.
  10. I wouldn't really recommend using system restore. It rolls back your whole system to a previous date, not just FM. Also for future reference you can right click on the game name in Steam > choose properties > updates > Do not automatically update this game.
  11. This shouldn't make me laugh as much as it does.
  12. The funny thing is that if the Berg thing happened to them in FM people would be whining about how unrealistic it is soooooooooooooooooooo bad.
  13. LLM all the way. Have played that way since my first CM game in the mid 90s. Though I always aim to eventually either make my club a major one, or just get recruited by one. Winning eg. CL is lot more fun if it takes a long time to get access to it, let alone win it. I'm overall more interested in signing and developing my players and the club than managing every match anyway. Usually manage about maybe 10 matches per season and holiday rest of the time. It's really the only one way for me to get enough seasons done in a reasonable time these days anyway. When I was younger and had a lot more free time I actually managed every match too...
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