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  1. Barcelona is underpowered

    Man Utd won the PL this year yet Chelsea won it on my save. **** me the games bugged! Idiot.
  2. Why Am I Conceding Goals?

    Single, living on his own without a girl friend... Is that you? I suspect it's pretty damn close.
  3. Barcelona is underpowered

    Your logic is stupid because it has happened in real life it should happen in the game?
  4. Why Am I Conceding Goals?

    You can do one as well Kerry Katona.
  5. Why Am I Conceding Goals?

    Oh yeah and learn how to spell Wily before commenting on other peoples spelling you fool.
  6. Regarding The 3D Match Engine

    Thanks. I played a few Premier League games and I really hated how the gameplay looked. I find the lower tiers a lot more enjoyable.
  7. Why Am I Conceding Goals?

    I won't be taking advice from a guy who has mistaken the location part of his profile for a place to display his managers reputation. Wily old manager? Senile old bed wetter is probably closer to the truth. Don't worry I'm sure there is a way on making the font bigger on your screen Grandad.
  8. [FM11] Saints and Sinners

    Answer me this. What makes you so successful in FM11?
  9. Why Am I Conceding Goals?

    Yeah, well thanks for the help. It's good getting other tactical opinions.
  10. Barcelona is underpowered

    Barcelona are not unbeatable and how is the game ment to reflect a great performance that occoured this past weekend? It's called form. It's the thing that EA Sports make a lot of money out of with Adidas Live Season, which is an absolute joke.
  11. Why Am I Conceding Goals?

    Ok, but if he is coming deep to look for the ball then I am going to have no players ahead of the play? Would it be better to employ a playmaking AM or CM or perhaps some supporting wide players to create opportunities for my lone striker. Basically if I'm having a lone striker then I need to be my goalscoring threat and if hes coming deep to support then he's not a threat as such.
  12. The faces

    Logopacks - Download the individual packs. Very quick download times and good quality logos. Covers nearly every league viewable on the game. If the worst comes to the worst then I'd suggest that site to re-download.
  13. Why Am I Conceding Goals?

    Yeah point taken. What striker role should I set to my lone forward? Poacher, Advanced Forward? I know I should look and see what would suit the players individual attributes but at the same time he needs to fit into the team system.
  14. Regarding The 3D Match Engine

    Yeah that is how I tend to view games. I do like to mix up my tactics though, I hear doing that too much will be detrimental to my teams performances though.
  15. Regarding The 3D Match Engine

    I see where you are coming from. I much, much prefer using the lower leagues namely BSS/BSN. What difference does it make in terms of variation of goals?