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  1. I've had the same problem whenever my Head of Youth Development makes an offer for a young player - when the bid is accepted, he offers the player a contract, but the game treats the news item telling me the bid has been accepted as if I am supposed to offer the contract, so I can't continue the game. I can go to the players page and view the contract that has been offered but it is all finalised, I can't confirm it or amend it, only withdraw it. So my only options to advance are to withdraw the contract offer and cancel the transfer or to go on holiday for a day. I've uploaded a save file called "Inter must respond contract issue" showing this problem.
  2. Before I uploaded it I always received two offers, one of which my DoF accepted, the other he rejected, and the player responded unhappily. Testing it now and I always get three offers (Dundee Utd, Hamilton, Livingston) and they all offer to pay 100% of wages so the DoF accepts them all, not sure why this is different from before. But the problem seems to be the same - if I then manually reject one or two of the offers, but leave at least one of them accepted, the player is unhappy. The agent feedback says "my client is expecting at least one of the offers to be accepted as promised", giving no indication as to any preference, and the player is unhappy regardless of which of the offers is left accepted - I tested several combinations, and got the same result. I also tested this after taking over control of all transfers and removing the player from the development list, so the DoF wouldn't respond, and the same occurred - I received three offers, and if I accept two but reject one the player was unhappy, regardless of which offer was rejected.
  3. Same problem as a few others have reported: a player comes to me asking to go out on loan, I promise to send him on loan, offer him to clubs, have multiple offers come in, some accepted, some rejected, and the player is unhappy, saying I broke the promise. I've uploaded a file, called "Loan Promise Unhappy.fm"
  4. After criticising my team after a defeat, one player has "intends to prove [manager] wrong" in their dynamics under 'Positives', but this reaction seems to be marked as negative in the news article about the press conference (thumbs down, red text).
  5. One change I'd like to see is more realistic contract extension negotiations. Obviously the money you earn is ultimately irrelevant, but it detracts from the realism of the game when I take a team through multiple promotions and win the league/champions league, but the board still refuse to pay me much than they did when I first took over, especially when other clubs want to hire me and are offering a lot of money. I think interactions with players could be improved. For instance, a few times I've had players come to me in the midst of a bad run and ask for a new contract and a big pay rise - it would be nice to be able to criticise the timing of the demand. Players also don't seem to have much of a relationship with each other. In real life players often don't really get on and this can affect the team's chemistry, but in-game players only seem able to like/dislike you, not each other. Also, when it comes to games spanning many years, I often wish the game was rather more detailed in terms of the stats it collects across your career. A breakdown of your record across different competitions, against different managers, against different clubs (currently you can see a club's record against another club, but not your own record against them) etc. Finally, unless I'm missing something, you can only see a club's past meetings against another club when you have an upcoming fixture against them - I'd like to be able to access this whenever.
  6. I haven't been able to find this anywhere else - what new (if any) countries and leagues are available in FM15?
  7. The addition of certain off-field events - players sometimes argue with referees but they never seem to argue with or get angry at opponents. Particularly in rivalry games, there are regularly flare-ups between opponents, leading to bookings/sending offs, and it would be nice to see this in the game. Also, I'm not sure I've ever seen a goalkeeper foul a player in the game - this is a relatively common occurence. Making it easier to quickly find free agents. Several times in the past I've had a goalkeeper go down for several months with an injury outside of a transfer window and so I've wanted to sign a free agent, but given that free agents have no value it is very difficult to sort through players on the Player Search screen - asking a scout to find someone to takes too long, so I have to manually look through players to find someone. Would be nice if there was an easier way to sort through free agents. Also, if some of the more grievous graphical errors could be avoided in future. Several times I've had the problem where my player is taking a penalty and the game shows the ball go in the back of the net like a normal succesful penalty, and it takes me a few seconds to realise that the commentary says the player blazed it over. In all my years playing FM there has never been a more deflating experience than the game showing my player scoring a 90th minute equaliser in a European Championship final only for it to turn out that it actually went over and the game failed to show it... Also, I'd like the match engine to reduce the number of times that my players are standing in an offside position when a free-kick is taken. I just had one where the player was standing a good 10 yards offside when it was taken, and the free-kick taker still crossed it to him. No player would stand this far offside for a set piece, and even if they did, the taker wouldn't cross it to them.
  8. I'd very much like a slightly better reputation system. Instead of (or as well as) just National, Continental etc, it would be good if each manager had 1 or two specific traits based on their style as manager. For example, you focus on youth players, you splash out a lot... This could affect things about the game too - maybe a very young player would like to play for a manager who focusses on youth.
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