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  1. I don’t know but I’ve got the same happening on my steam
  2. I’ve used classic / touch mode since FM 13 (I think) and it’s been my main mode of play. However it was starting to feel a bit stale to me and I was missing the depth. This year I went back to full FM 19 and once I had set up a lot of the delegations to my assistant I am glad I moved back. I’ve given most additional tasks not in FMT to my assistant but keep an eye on training, more in depth scouting etc. I’d say seasons take 25% longer but I’m finding it a worthy compromise for the greater immersion.
  3. So I don’t need to buy stadia founders edition for £129 before I can purchase FM?
  4. The more I read about Stadia the more confused I become. Am I able to just buy the game on stadia and play it through chrome on my laptop without having to buy controllers / Chromecast etc?
  5. I didn’t realise you had to use the pencil for sidecar. That’s a shame as it would have been great to play FM on ipad this way but I’m not paying £100 for the pencil.
  6. I'm sure. I have the pitch smaller with the match stats pinned to the right as the picture shows. The 2d pitch under the tactics is bigger than even you can zoom - it takes up more of the screen.
  7. When in March you view tactics underneath you can see the match still being played. On 2D this enlarges the pitch and dots to the perfect size! I wish it was possible to have that view of 2D classic without having to be in the tactics screen.
  8. I swipe up on the trackpad and then put FM into it's own desktop and then I can swipe between it and everything else on my mac as before. My mac seems to remember this as well (usually) so hopefully don't have to do it very often
  9. There is much more blank space on the sides in the new version if you compare the screenshots. Or is it possible to zoom in on the new 2d classic
  10. I miss the old 2D view. The new 2d classic is very poor and not clear in my opinion. This was the one I used most especially on touch as it used least battery on the iPad and on my Mac it’s the one view that didn’t send my laptop fans into overdrive.
  11. In the old 2d the match took up most of the screen and the stadium wasn’t visable. Now that the stadium is visable the pitch is much smaller and therefore seems much more cramped and makes the match less clear in my opinion. The 2d classic view of old is one I have used for years and years and it’s a shame to not have that.
  12. I struggle to make out the ball on data analysis camera. I will probably get used to it but 2d classic is the old reliable view ( and had the benefit of not making my laptop fans go crazy!)
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