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  1. Hi. I recently downloaded some extra leagues to allow me to play from division 14 upwards in the english leagues. Im wondering how I would go about editing the club badge and strip color of a club Im interested in taking over (using the editor) "Peterlee Town". I imagine this is quite simple Im just not sure where to begin I appreciate your help
  2. Real Badges and Logo's

    id also like to know this
  3. Finance trouble

    thanks for the replies. Yea ive arranged a few friendlies gonna see how much cash that generates. My main expenditure seems to be wages not so much transfer fees of players. Last season the board said the finances were tight thus I had very little cash to buy players or to get players out of contract due to my small wage budget then I got promoted to the BSP. This season Ive just been promoted and the price of the new stadium on top of the wage issues I had last season has really taken its toll i think which is the reason my finances are insecure. Cant really offload any players either as I have a small squad with the highest wage earners being Pablo Counago and Gary Wales who were my top scorers last season.
  4. So I just got promoted with salisbury from bsquare south after being predicted to finish table ended up winning the league. Now that Im in the BSquare Premier the board has decided to build a new stadium not asking me whether i think they should go ahead with building it or not and the club has taken out massive loan repayments in order to fund the building process. Putting it simply theyve screwed my fiances over. My fiances were already stretched last season as Salisbury were poor when I joined them and Ive only had around £600 p/m wages given with heavy rebuilding work needed. My finances are labelled as insecure and I cant offload anymore players as I have the bare minimum needed to achieve mid table in the league division. Any ideas on how I can get my finances back on track?
  5. Contracts in lower leagues

    ok cheers for the advice
  6. Ok so Im in charge of solihull moors on one of my saves and havent alot of experience managing in the lower leagues. The teams is far exceeding expectations sitting top of the league at the moment and was tipped to finish mid table. I have by far the strongest squad in the bnet north with my squad arguably good enough for the playoffs in the league above so im blitzing the league. The trouble is all these good players I have most except 4 in my squad are on non contracts with the 4 players an exception on £350 part time contracts. My entire squad has a transfer status of wanted with alot of npower league 2 clubs wanting my young stars. I have £0 to buy players with and the board allow hardly anything for wages so most players on non contracts. Im just finding it annoying that I really can do little to keep my players at the club as they are on non contracts and I cant afford to sign them to part time contracts. So far Ive had to just sign new improved non contracts(higher win bonuses etc) whenever a bid comes in but now its getting ridiclous as I have 7 seperate bids in and more sure to follow with my whole squad wanted. Whats more annoying is my top scorer and league top scorer striker and captain centre back both key players and fan favourites are avaible on free transfers at the end of the season. Im just wondering if anyone with alot of bnet north league exp can suggest any way I can hold onto them? As Ive worked so hard to get this squad into promotion contention and really dont want to lose 80% of my squad at the end of season due to not affording their wage demands of part time contracts upgrades from non-contracts.
  7. 90% goals i concede are from corners whats worse is my tactics are correctly setup for defending corners have good defense etc. 60% of my goals scored are from corners too though lol does get a bit tiresome when most goals scored in games are nearly always corners whether my team or opponent
  8. For me best regens come from south america teams, argentina brazil chile uruguay. Serbia is where i look for young defenders they seem to have good regens As for europe england scotland spain seems best Scotland probly the best generally though they have some insane regens
  9. coaching stars confusion

    this^^ by far the best way to do it
  10. Trial Days

    cheers for the responses guys. It was the month after i posted this thread. Managed to get man city u20 goalkeeper signed for my non league team solihull moors;)
  11. Trial Days

    anyone know?
  12. Ok Im playing a game as Solihull Moors and just requested a trial day be arranged off the board. I attended the trial day scouted all the players etc. this was the solihull moor trialist players Im just wondering what date is the England trialist day where there are 4 different england trialist teams? Its not marked on my fixture list so wondered if someone could llet me know. Putting it simply the 2 solihull moor trailist teams werent good enough so im hoping for better trialists from the england 4 trialist teams
  13. I missed last years 2010 fm due to having important exams and bought fm2011 this year and am disapointed in the game for lots of reasons mainly the ME. Can someon highlight the positives fm2010 has over 2011 since I didnt play it since i may just uninstall fm2011 and buy 2010 Im mainly interested in how good the ME is in 2010 compared to 2011 If someone could listthe positives and negatives of both fm2011 and 2010 that would be great
  14. new game first season as Hyde FC 2010/11 (Non league football) Blue Square Bet North Just achieved promotion by winning their default league. Was only supposed to finish top half of the table but managed to win the league on the last day of the season by +10 goal difference GK Gilpin RB Murphy CB Halford CB Taylor LB Mee CRM Connoly CLM Lowe CM Sissoko ACM Lagana STR Wayne Andrews STRL Guylain -Ndumbu -Dsumbu ( excellent striker for the division) Finances are tight so had to make do with free agents mostly next season is gonna be hard i think as i dont think current squad is strong enough to avoid relegation
  15. Amount of staff

    thanks for the reply. Yeah my training workload for schedules are light for each one at the moment ill adjust to medium. (was worried if medium/heavy would make players jaded and injure quickly) Training facilities for swansea are average atm tried upgrading last season but board disallowed me because spent heavily in transfer window