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  1. None of the goals scored from a corner in the Chelsea game.
  2. Boots to Asses with defensive tweaks tactic. It's a 41221 but I remember it as a FM12 tactic.
  3. Mr. Hough, I want you to be aware of that your Boots to Asses with defensive tweaks tactic is still by far the best tactic for 12.2.2. I started a new save with Swansea and look what happened on the first official game of my save with the original Swansea squad. I also believe that my team talk before the game affected the result. before game : assertive - go out there and impress me. half time: assertive - I'm happy with your performance so far, keep it up.
  4. The LB and RB have the same mentality already. What's up with that?
  5. This is the same one with the OP or not? And all we have to do is to match the mentality of the two full backs, right?
  6. Hello mate. If you could send me the tactic, I could give a feedback on how it progresses. My spring break started a day ago and I have plenty of time to test it. Have a nice weekend.
  7. What tactic is that? If you believe it is effective, I suggest you to open a new thread as it will attract many around here like me.
  8. I have mentioned that I am searching players for the start of the first season. Thanks for the filters by the way.
  9. If there is a cheaper solution, it would be very appreciated
  10. Can someone recommend players for the wingers role at the start of the game? It has been very difficult for me to find inside wingers.
  11. You could try Gokhan Tore. On 12.2 patch he has a -9 potential ability and if you are lucky (if he has >175 PA) he is nothing less than Robben.
  12. I wasn't implying anything, I thought that you made the tactic for an earlier version. That's all.
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