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  1. yeah, does this work for fm2017. do they have the same id's???
  2. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/458805-RELEASE-TCS-2016-v1-7 in the middle of the third screenshot down, where is says: player mike maigan tuncay fernando andreas christensen etc etc i dont have that column, it is called 'player'. how do you find it?
  3. I'm guessing nobody has this issue. I might re-download the skin. Not sure why I can't see the 'Player' column on the tactics overview screen.
  4. the 'player' column on the tactics overview screen, where do you find that column?
  5. can someone please tell me how you get the players names listed on the tactics screen? I can't find the column which is called 'Players'. Where is it?
  6. On the tactics overview page, how do you get the players names listed after the ability column with those green bars? Its a list called GIOCATORE (translated to player in english). I simply just can't find it.
  7. where you have 'GIOCATORE' which means 'PLAYER', how do you get that from the selected list, is it in the general section? I want the players names shown on the tactic screen on the left.
  8. three issues 1. why does it say 'unknown' on the tactics screen for the substitutions, instead of their names. its really annoying on the tactics screen. 2. how do you make the match day screen slightly more transparent, so i can see my stadium background pictures slightly better, during the game? 3. when contract negotiating with a potential signing, it's impossible to see the appearance bonuses etc or how much you will pay them, as the screen gets cut off at the bottom right? thankyou. much appreciated
  9. where you have that football news & manchester city blue panel, how do you actually do that or download that from. i've gone into the folders & found the inbox panel folders but it's just a load of xml stuff. sorry, im not good at editing stuff like this, im just desperate to change the boring news panel ive got now.
  10. sorry, i meant the section where you get your e-mails & it has 'news' written in a kind of yellow coloured bar above it
  11. thanks, that worked. is there a way to change or modernise the 'news' tab, it looks abit dated.
  12. how do i get the player names below the shirts on the tactics screen. i press the 'show addition info' and it doesn't work. I have vitrex 2.2
  13. i will give that a try, have to find the right folder now to get those boxes in under the shirts
  14. i downloaded vitrex 2.2 and it still puts the names on the shirts, instead of those boxes below the shirts, which is what i want (like yours above). How do you get that, what file do i need to add?
  15. is this just me, then? i guess i will have to use base skins then, as the vitrex 2.2 does not have the green boxes with name in them under the shirts, as promised. disappointing.
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