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  1. Demo looking good so far. Can somebody clarify something for me? I would like to pre-order/buy FM13 through steam. Since I am currently living in CIS country (Belarus) only Russian language demo was available, and it seems to be the case with the full game as well. I would like to be able to play in Danish. So, will Danish/English be available buying the game in CIS? If yes – great, if no – what are the options. M
  2. First thanks to Loversleaper for his insights which have helped me win a fair amount of titles. In general this thread is a pleasure to read and LLs set is to me an excellent compromise between not having to tweak for hours creating a suitable tactic for a given team, while still keeping the feeling of you acting tactically as a manager. Due to an unfortunate computer brake down I have lost this set and I don’t want to change to fm11. Could any of you upload LLs set for download? Alternatively a spreadsheet so I can easily re-create them. Thanks M