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  1. i Rossoneri - Return of a Legend

    As Paolo sank into the leather chair in his office, he began to ponder about his transfer targets and where he could improve the squad. The office was filled with scouts' reports from his staff, and videos of the scouted players in action. As he started to watch one of the videos, a knock on the door interrupted him. It was Mr. Berlusconi. The man was cold-blooded, and could be compared to Roman Abramovich at Chelsea. Although not as ruthless, he would sack a manager if he was not living up to the expectations of the club and its fans. "Paolo, welcome back! I trust that you have met the coaching staff and players?" "Of course Silvio, I know most of them from my playing days and it's my pleasure to be working with them." "Ok, I just came by to tell you that you have £13.1 million to spend in this transfer window. If you need any signings, just contact Adriano and he will work things out for you. And Paolo, you know what is expected of you. Don't let me and the fans down, you know what will happen when we get to that position." Adriano referring to Adriano Galliani, managing director of AC Milan. "Sure, Silvio. See you around." With that, Paolo was already under huge pressure, without a kick of a ball. As he walked out of his office, he had a lot on his mind and he would have plenty to ponder in his first training session with the players at Milanello.
  2. i Rossoneri - Return of a Legend

    May 31, 2009 - As he left the field for the last time, he looked backed on his accomplishments in football. He had become a symbol and legend of AC Milan, winning five Champions League titles, as well as seven Serie A titles. He played 126 times for the Italian national team, wearing the captain's armband a record 74 times. He believed that he had accomplished everything in his footballing career, and vowed never to enter into a coaching career. That was the last we had heard of him, until... 2011 - AC Milan, a club with a highly paid, ageing squad of superstars, were on the downturn along with Italian football as well, with declining finances for many Italian clubs. Allegri had managed to win another Scudetto for Milan, but that was not able to satisfy Silvio Berlusconi, who had him sacked at the end of the season. With the Rossoneri failing to make an impact on Europe's biggest stage for many years, and the rise of Napoli and Juventus, the challenge would be tough. But Berlusconi contacted the one man he trusted to deliver the club back to past glories, a man who could rebuild the club from top to bottom and inspire them back to the promised land after many years. Could he be the Messiah that Milan need? Welcome back....Paolo Maldini!