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  1. Does anyone remember Ultimate Soccer Manager 98? I loved the graphics and backgrounds of your offices and various rooms it really made you feel involved even if other areas were poor. I think it would be fantastic if press conferences and media relations were firstly overhauled and much more detailed in terms of what can be said, but also say when questions are put to you its like you're looking out first person with a background of hundreds of journos and cameras it would just be so much more immersive. Or even post match just on the touchline with a background of a couple of local reporters quizzing. Loads of cool possibilities.
  2. When exam revision becomes a lone discussion and sketching of the latest counter-attacking tactic that'll snare you're city rivals.
  3. I was thinking it would be really cool to unlock legendary players from down the years for network games? Or unlocking legendary goals on the match engine eg. Maradona's against England.Not sure what your achievements would have to be to unlock these but I would love this addition.
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