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  1. Great patch rusty, hopefully you can update the file without too many problems. I hate these update files from FM they always obliterate everyone's hard work on here!
  2. Very odd, it's definitely the same file as Enzo Fernandes is at Chelsea.
  3. I've tried to use the editor to do so however it doesn't work & when i try to add the awards like the Golden ball etc it seems to go out of it's way to try to prevent me from doing it. Cheers everyone if you can help!
  4. Unai Emery to Aston Villa? I started a new game and Aston Villa didn't have a manager I thought it was one of the old files in November causing this but it was actually this ,,,
  5. Good job man! I'll wait until it's released to properly get into the game.
  6. I have started my new FM game in Nov 21. When I start playing I have realized that no player has a number at all. When there is a match played they are all just given numbers 1 to 11 based on player potions from defense to attack. I apologize if this is a known issue however I haven't seen it listed anywhere. I do use some editor files however I don't think it's related to that as I believe the issue was there beforehand. Under the players tab which has registration still there it has no number one to number the players. Regards
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