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  1. With the new update will the errors now in this file be fixed? thanks
  2. I looked into it but the only way I could see would be maybe to mess with Man City's FPP records. I think it's hard coded in game.
  3. Any way to get around this? I noticed that with some USA files people have created that these start dates actually become accessible, however with some other USA files they are not.
  4. Still doesn't work with 2020 start dates ? Does it work with other files?
  5. Nice effort shame the 2020 start dates are greyed out though.
  6. Yeah man frustrating hey, when I try to put leagues and cups together that's all I get. Your work is appreciated man,
  7. Getting close to finishing ? Even if you released a less deeper version than you are working on it would be appreciated.
  8. Looked for one of these for many years but I think it's just too much work for people. I find it difficult to start a new season with the 19/20 squads but the database is still set to 18/19.
  9. Is it possible to have the Asian Cup '19 completed before I start my game in that season?
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