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  1. Just to clarify since you have ??? after my investiture, I was the inducted to writers hall of fame 2007/08 - certainly before anyone else and 2008 is prob correct if Raptor is 2009. Take care guys keep writing and having fun!
  2. Whilst taking into account what 10-3 rightly says, I agree with Pan on this one 100%. We've had murders, rapes, crucifixions and all sorts of things on a story forum that essentially about football - or indeed in actuallity a game based on football. Allegedly. Personally, I can't see much wrong with the storyline as is, and can't see why anyone would ever be offended by fiction, but thats just me. As Pan says, as long as it's followed through and such it's fine. Imo, for what its worth, Raptors crucifixion storyline was far far more offensive. But then Scott, if nothing else, at least you've
  3. Meh he's won one award and thinks he knows
  4. Seriously, you're just being silly if you think you should have awards any time before next October. There's no value in an awards ceremony that takes place weeks after a new forum starts at all. The forum isn't about winning awards, its about recording career games. Let the forum actually get a life before jumping into anything else.
  5. Yup FMS awards are now towards the end of October, used to be late December early January but we moved it to coincide more with the FM year. Awards are fine, but in a forum as new as this they are a bit pointless until next year really.
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