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  1. How can I export the match highlights package video in FM21? I remember I could do it in FM20 by accessing the match after it took place.
  2. So long as it drops after the end of my work day, I'll be fine. Got tomorrow off, so enough time to dig into the changes. I hope everyone enjoys it
  3. The 1 minute trailer is not enough to form an opinion yet and for the last few years I don't really like the way these announcements are made - someone compared it recently to what a Fortnite video looks like and it almost seems that's the audience the video wants to cater to. This year, more than ever, the idea of trying the demo before purchasing should prevail. Hopefully the demo gets released not too long after the full game's release date I'll be following Twitter / Youtube for the next announcements.
  4. Can we please take a moment to recognize that not only the tactic seems to be a beast, its name is also something out of this world? Smogfart Polished Crack Beautiful.
  5. Rather annoying that this hasn't been fixed yet, even though it's been six months. Even worse if you consider this has been an issue - at least temporarily - in other editions of the game. If it doesn't work and since it's arguably a non-related achievement, please consider removing it from the game altogether.
  6. I wasn't referring to an assist coming from a GK long kick, but the fact that 3 of my defenders got brain freezes at the same time and weren't able to clear the ball. I think it speaks volumes on how collision detection is (not?) implemented in the game. @Armistice got the idea.
  7. How does one explain this? It's ridiculous! Stuff like this wouldn't never have happened in the ME used in the beta version. As it stands, it's very hard for me to take any enjoyment from the game...
  8. I've just launched the game for the first time in 2(?) days and I'm now running the following version: Does it match yours or is this for opting in on beta versions?
  9. The draft IS available in the Beta version. Not sure if it already includes any major changes, but I do know that the maximum allowed budget has been reduced in 5 millions.
  10. I am 6 months in and the amount of failed penalties seems a bit over the top. My penalty takers should be making more than only scoring half the penalties they take. Bonus attachment - Latest match, 3 penalties - 2 failed. Portimonense - Benfica -3 penalties, 2 failed.pkm
  11. I had one complaint from a player and by changing the additional focus to in his training section to "quickness", it stopped. Try it and let me know if it worked for you.
  12. There's something seriously wrong with this beta version, 'cause I keep on winning matches :D I'm no tactical expert and I am replicating an old tactic that I never got to run consistently. Well, I guess I'll just enjoy while it lasts...
  13. Really don't care for intro screens. Or style for that matter. If anything, it bugs me that the game has declined in its perceived usability - the main thing that springs to mind is the two extra clicks in accessing the vertical version of the tactics screen. With the amount of hours I sink into every version, I will quickly adapt.
  14. Is there any way to play FMT with the original fat skin? I find FMT's default skin appaling.
  15. Obviously no one knows at this point, but I think the best you could aspire for would be to use it at your own risk without SI providing any support.
  16. He has made his debut very recently, I'm fairly certain in a few years that number will sky rocket. I used to play him as a striker. They actually play in a 4x4x2
  17. Biggest sell in this save. It is almost impossible to go past those values with my league's reputation...
  18. Can you or Tony provide examples of more up to date 'non match engines'? I've honestly didn't come across one
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