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  1. The same thing has happened to me but if you look on the system requirements for the game, it has MacOS 10.7 and so on until 10.11 and the new MacOS is 10.12 which will not meet the requirements meaning your system is too modern for the game...to be honest i hope I am wrong but if I'm right let's hope there's a solution unless I cannot believe that SI did not see this coming...and I wonder if the new game will be the same
  2. You have to put your phone the way you want the screen to be and click on the game
  3. My scroll bar keeps jumping around every time I scroll down, I don't know what to do
  4. When I try to scroll down the menus on the game, it just keeps going back to the top of the menu and I can't scroll down anymore without it going back to the top
  5. Sorry mate I posted the wrong thing I don't think you can set individual training
  6. You have to keep hold of the L Button and swipe down the left side with you finger
  7. You have to drag the positions around on the screen and hold down the 'L' Button
  8. Things I would like to see on the PSVita 1) Instant Result - This would save loads of time in playing the game, and would probably get more people involved in the Vita section. 2) select 4 Leagues - This would widen the dimensions on what a PSVita would be capable of and would bring more enjoyment into the game, such as doing certain challenges like Unemployed Challenge etc. 3) Improved Controls - Be able to use the buttons on the menus rather than using the touchscreen it is very hard to get use to and mine keeps going back up to the top if I leave go.
  9. I'm stuck on figuring out how to work the screens I can't use my right sided analogue stick so I tend to use my fingers but it just keeps jumping back up to the top of the menu
  10. All you do is; iTunes > Apps > Scroll all the way down > Click on FMH2014, then click add and copy and paste the logos and that onto there.
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