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  1. any idea? I would like to solve this in corona lockdown time...
  2. No problem. Thanks anyway. I decided to put only coloured bar and squad number in the middle. But when I try make the font above 18 it cut player number. Does anyone knows how to make this container a little big bigger? Original <!--squad number--> <container width="100" id="sqco"> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="top"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" layout_children="true"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top,left"/>
  3. I know from Resources Archiver that the back shirts are in graphics/pictures/kits/2d/outfield/back/default but I don't know what to type to put them into the player personal details panel. Kits are also visible in Editor and FMRTE12 as a example so I think it may be possible to put them but I don't know how to do this:/
  4. Great. I would be happy if I can put exactly this kit icon which is on tactic selection. Otherwise I'm afraid there are files and directories needed that I don't have in FM12.
  5. I moved the number to the middle and changed into club colours. But I can't put a colored bar in the middle or change background into club colour. But maybe someone know the link to back shirts (with correct player number) from tactic selection. Maybe it's possible to put into player personal details panel. I know everyone is involved in FM19 but maybe someone know how to do this. I would be very happy.
  6. Hello. Is there a possible that game "create" a shirt icon for a players/regens in the place of real or generated faces? Or maybe in the place where player form is? I like this feature in newest FM version and i wonder is it also possible in FM12 skins. I downloaded a base skin for FM12 but I don't know which part I have to edit.
  7. I understand licenses might be an issue bu maybe they can limit only to playable english leagues
  8. You can not delete them but you can make them worse. Only a FMRTE with purchased license is needed. One or two times in season I search for all new regens with PA 111-200. With "mass edit" I set all of them to PA=110. They can still play at U-21 level or for regional clubs but they are useless for a continental/national reputation clubs. If the game "sees" that there is no new players with CA above 110 then old guns play much longer than used to. * I know the post is from 2011 but maybe for someone might be useful (can be used in any version of FM). Tutorial below
  9. Maybe it's because of my nostalgic mood and longing for these times. I think Football Manager has a lot of +30, +40 fans who miss those old guns. Look how many players would like to edit database back to 01/02 season.
  10. Yes, you're right. Example with Gareth Bale is a hit. Also we can play only 20 seasons like that. After this we have to go back to regens generated by the game. But I'm not saying that every generated player has to be real. Let's say footballers with PA +150 (forget about Freddy Adu). They were not so many of them in last 20 years. I don't really know if people prefer to play with real footballers or with regens. After your response I also have a lot of doubts right now.
  11. I wanted to write you about the game of my dreams. Let says you start to manage Manchester United in season 97/98 with Beckham, Giggs and Schmeichel in the squad. Everything's as usual so far. But instead of fake regens they are comming a real youngsters to the teams. So in season 1998/99 game will generate Didier Drogba in Le Mans. In season 1998/99 15-years old Cristiano Ronaldo in Sporting CP and in season 01/02 Rooney in Everton. The game will generate also players like Freddy Adu but with true potential. If you have a good knowledge about football then you sign biggest future stars in the
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