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  1. Hello, I believe it was from the workshop. Just seems odd is this error had not occurred for the past 8+ seasons in other english leagues. Not sure why the premiership has effected it
  2. Hello, Its on that picture. 3rd from the top, sorry didnt realise my name was on it.
  3. Hello I believe its called jersey Bulls (v03) ? please let me know if there is any issues Thanks
  4. Hello currently on my game every signing (no matter where location) joins but then has no work permit When I apply for one the next day it says it’s granted but it doesn’t change the status and they’re still unavailable im not sure if this is because I have finally got Jersey Bulls to the prem and the country just isn’t on the game technically so an error has occurred work permit wise any info would be great but currently continuing with the game is quite pointless 😂
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