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  1. upload your XML so far and someone can see what you've done wrong, or is this just another 'I want xxx competition and can't be bothered making it myself' thread
  2. If I change a players CA, do I need to change the attributes to match it?
  3. Is there anyway to mass edit regional divisions, even if it means going through an xml file and doing it by text as currently I need to do this for 1500+ teams?
  4. Should you not edit the super cup so it is between the cwc winner and the cl winner, also shouldn't the liechtenstein cup winner qualify for the cup winners cup?
  5. That's what I meant by recreate ALL competitions that the nation or its clubs compete in. For example I was thinking of applying the FIFA rule that says on sovereign nations may apply but there are 24 non sovereign FIFA members. I was going to make all people and clubs members of the sovereign nation, so all faroese to be danish, all english, scottish, welsh, northern irish, anguillan, bermudan, bvi, cayman, montserrat, turks and caicos to be british. Like I said I would need to recreate all UEFA, CONCACAF, AFC, OFC and FIFA competitions but would it work if I did this?
  6. I know that it isn't possible to add completely new nations but in theory if I was to make an existing nation extinct and recreated any competition in which the nation or its teams competed would this work?
  7. When I try to start a game I get error messages on loads of starting leagues, off top of my head spain, england and scotland. This is with all files loaded in game
  8. Can you not give them a coefficient of 0.3 to give them 1 european spot. IIRC that worked for my Yorkshire nation.
  9. I get what you're saying but it still won't solve the problem. Luciano Becchio left Leeds for 26k to some french Ligue 2 team. I can't make them one of the worlds top teams as that is wrong, as much as I wish it was still true.
  10. I've created a Yorkshire nation, replaced all of the Yorkshire teams in England but my problem is that players are leaving for very little. I based the rep of the nation and comps on that of scotland, but still I have key players leaving for very little with a very low value.
  11. In the FM12 editor I managed to edit one of the XML files so that I could add new local regions but I cannot for the life of me work out which file or what I editted. Any ideas?
  12. Does anyone still have this, I'm trying to make my own and cannot even get the CFU cup to show in game when using advanced
  13. Have you replaced the teams within the french leagues?
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