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  1. Had an upgrade completed the season before in just a few months, so not sure about the planning issue, but possibly. Playing as Inter.
  2. Is it normal for these training upgrades to take such a long time? I only ask as I've never noticed it being this long before, usual 4-5 month or something.
  3. I have found that offering players over monthly instalments seems to make it easier to sell them, you can also generally get more for them by the looks of it.
  4. Hidden sale value changes depending on several factors at a guess stuff like the player's age, contact length remaining etc
  5. I have had this several times (me as host), does it only crash for you while he is watching you matches? The person I'm playing with seems to think that may be the cause, haven't been able to test since though.
  6. The Hut

    I use gameplay.co.uk and/or shopto.net, both generally cheap and I always receive my game on/before the release date.
  7. Mine are the asking prices, which is general very very close to their values, I have put a bid in for all of them and all got accepted (at the prices I list above), unfortunately most of the layers rejected me.
  8. Possible Bug in Serie A

    Playing in Seria A myself, it seems it goes from January to January and not per season, as I bought a non EU player in the very first transfer window, and then again in January when I was allowed to again.
  9. I actually got Balotelli for £0 and if I remember correctly it was in the January transfer window of the first season, he was unhappy at the club, City were trying to loan him out initially then I noticed he has £0 as his asking price. It does seem to be generally, if a player is unhappy and the club want to sell him, his asking price gets set to his actual value, these are some of the playes on the transer list in my game, game date 2nd July 2011 Robinho - £10 Mil Sergio Ramos - £9.5 Mil Papastathopoulos - 5.5 Mil Pablo Piatti - £5.5 Mil Ryan Shawcross - £5.5 Mil Felipe Melo - £5 Mil Simone Pepe - £5 Mil Yossi Benayoun - £ 5 Mil Sami Khedia - £3.8 Mil
  10. SI: please stand up!!!

    have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, ive found that often fixes many issues?
  11. Network Problems

    you can do it with out running through hamachi, your more than likely need to do some port forwarding though, I think they are 10093 and 10094 off the top of my head though that may be wrong. I would imaging it would run better directly, rather than using hamachi, if you can get it working. The speed of the game though will be dependent on the hosts upload speed, I have 700k or so upload and the guy who I play with says there is a delay but more than playable.
  12. lol, it would be even more weird if the reserves actualy won
  13. And you will probably find that next season you will have a very small budget due to you having such a big expenditure each month.
  14. italian leagues question

    In game if you click on the league table you can then click on "Rules" This will show you the rules for that league/country
  15. uninstall and then reinstall, worked for me