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  1. Hi. I'm having problems when using several created league files. It's alright when I'm using various files with unlocked countries where the leagues is already hidden in the game. But when I'm starting a new game in FM17 with two files where I had to create the competitions (to be able to unlock the league system) it crashes. I investigated those two files and figured that those created competitions is having the same Unique ID and therefore causing the crash. And 100000024 is always the standard ID when adding a competition in a new database and I'm not able to change this in the new files. Do someone know how I can solve this?
  2. I'm really annoyed when activating inactive leagues. I feel like you have to do a lot more clicking when you're creating nation rules than you have been forced to do earlier years. It feels like they just tried to make the design look a lot more like the real game. I mean, just searching for anything in the editor takes A LOT more time than before because the simple search field is gone. What was the thought with removing this? The same when you search for teams you want to add to your league. You have to add a filter EVERY time you want to search for something and you're not even able to save a filter???? I have now created 13 league systems in Europe and Africa and are already super annoyed. 200 to go, YAY!
  3. Getting the same issue whenever I try to use the Advanced Rules. No matter what country. I also try to unlock the Lithuania league system but I am struggling with the Championship round. I have gotten the right amount of teams (6 of 8 total) in the Championship round but I can't get it right where the points from the first 28 fixtures is applied into the Championship round. Do someone know where I can fix this? Can't really find an alternative in advanced rules that seems right. E: Nevermind. Got the championship round right now! And I got absolutely no idea how I fixed it. :|
  4. I recommend you to download these files and that you load the country you plan to produce talents from.
  5. I and many others at the forum FMSweden, would like to see a clause when you buy a futuretalent from a team and use this clause to send the player on loan to the selling club. I know that many teams irl using this clause and it would be very nice to have it in game too! //Liverpoolfanet
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