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  1. My FM17 won't work, it opens and begins to load but then I get a pop-up box with: XML parsing error!: syntax error at line 2 of x-xss-protection: 1; mode=block Alt-Svc: quic=":443"; ma=2592000; v="35,34" X-Firefox-Spdy: h2 Can anybody help? I press okay on the box with all that, but then it gives the message: Football Manager 2017 17.2.0f913093 (update) has stopped working It then closes. Any help appreciated!
  2. Anybody a few years i noticing ridiculously high transfer fees? My "tycoon" has given me £13.5M but not a lot can be done with that, players in leagues like the Austrian and Croatian are moving for £8M+
  3. Wow, in the pre-season before 2018/19 and got a £12.75M bid from Chelsea for Gauld! However I got a tycoon takeover so didn't need the cash, negotiated to £15M and they withdrew. Just had a 33 year old Cristiano Ronaldo offered to me for £5.5M! Celtic won the SPL last season (third back in the SPL) we went 5th-1st-2nd since our return, also went out of Europe completely in the group stage of the CL, was a bit surprised not to get the sack but this tycoon has stuck with me for now! Got a lot of youngsters in my squad now as well as the likes of Freeman, Gauld, Wuytens, Mignolet, Daniel Sturridge and Thorgan Hazard (great player, if you can get him cheap like I did then go for it) just have to get the title back and try and challenge a bit in Europe next season!
  4. I have had a tycoon takeover by Donald Findlay, I am into the 2017/18 season (won div three in 12/13, div two in 13/14, div one in 14/15, finished 5th back in the SPL in 15/16 and won the league on the final day in 16/17) Was lucky not to get the sack after being expected to challenge for the title in 15/16, the team were so inconsistent it was painful but now we've started playing properly! Considering this guy is meant to be a tycoon he hasn't given me much transfer money, instead he has focused on stopping us going bankrupt (last season he invested £33,460,000 whilst we still only broke even) fairly worrying. We lost in the Europa League qualifiers on away goals last season after winning the Scottish Cup to qualify. This season we beat HJK in the first CL qualifier 8-3 on aggregate and now face Bylis (Albania) for the right to play in the group stage, that'd be massive with the finances and club reputation hopefully going up should we get through it. My tactic seems to have finally started working, we have a good mix of youth and experience with a few regens for the future in and around the squad, here's a few screenshots... My team at the moment... My transfers in the last two seasons....
  5. Hi all, I'm playing as Rangers and so far it has been predictably easy to get to Division One, the squads looking young and talented and the results have been pretty good... Won Division Three with ease getting 97 points Won Division Two getting 83 points And so far have 27 points from 11 games in Division One. I can't seem to settle on one tactic at the moment which is a little annoying but the results have still been almost exclusively positive. The team I am playing at the moment in a 4-4-2 is... GK: Alexander RB: Kieron Freeman (Youngster signed on a free from Derby) CB: Urquhart CB: Dingsdag (Season long loan from Sunderland) LB: Fox (Season long loan from Southampton) RM: Templeton CM: Black CM: Dicker (Signed for £250K from Brighton very able CM) LM: Gauld (Free transfer from Dundee Utd... bid £500K for him a year before his contract ran out so was delighted to get him for nothing!) ST: Freeman (Signed from Stevenage, 22 years old... pretty good striker) ST: King (Free transfer from Man Utd... banging in the goals) Subs: Elabdellaoui (Midfielder signed from Man City on a freebie) Pennant (31 but still has very good stats for Division One!) Arfield (Signed for £120K from Huddersfield) Perry McFadden (Signed on a free before last season, did brilliantly in Division Two but is a sub at the moment in Division One) With a fee regens, Shiels, Sandaza and Faure backing the team up. Pretty pleased, hopefully I get a bit of money in the SPL to get some real quality in to go wth the great youngsters while the likes of Pennant will be leaving!
  6. I don't understand it. I have my coaches set up to as many stars as possible etc but I don't understand how we tell which players what we want them to learn, for example youth prospects on older FM's I'd give them schedules relating to the exact attributes I want to see them increased (heavy on shooting, attacking etc for strikers) I understand that is no longer in the game but what has replaced it? Any info which will make this clearer appreciated! Thanks
  7. Wow well I am absolutely gutted, just played my second champions league final with Litex Lovech, we lost 2-0 to OM but that's not the reason for this thread. Have any of you had a player to come back and win the champions league for there new club? The scorer of OM's second goal was Junior Sarr, here's his career... I sold him at 32 thinking he was past his best and wouldn't trouble me in the future... when we reached the CL final for the second time I thought we'd meet Real (who OM beat in the semi final) how wrong I was, at 34 he won the Champions League something he failed to do with me in his 12 years at the club! This was my second CL final the first he played in (we lost to Gutting Anybody had something similar?
  8. Yeah I understand that mate but only 2.5 * players? I have 4* and many 3.5* in my team but the rarity of finding a 3.5* guy now is so so rare, maybe 1 per season, I was finding players of the calibre of the guys I have in my team who I've had since they were 18-ish very often years ago, is it maybe that my training/coaches have made them surpass the original potential my scouts were awarding? Maybe 2* guys could turn out 3* with my schedules/coaches? (I have 4* min in all training areas)?
  9. Thanks for the reply, I do understand that in terms of the league being bad but CSKA being higher is pathetic. My other question is whilst a few years ago my scouts (most of which are at least 17 in both judging A and judging P) were fidning some really good players, now we're struggling to find 2* potential guys, nevermind 3.5 *!
  10. Okay so I have managed Litex Lovech in Bulgaria for 16 seasons. We have won the league 16 seasons in succession, the Bulgarian cup 12 times, have reached the Champions League semi-finals on two occasions and the final on one occasion and yet CSKA Sofia, a team who have failed to win the title for the past 16 years, have not won the cup for 16 years and have done absolutely nothing in Europe STILL have a higher reputation than me? We average 30,385 fans for home games, they average 18,811. We have top corporate facilities, top training facilities and excellent youth facilities, these are all a lot better than the ratings CSKA get. Meanwhile we are considered the 5th best team in Europe in the coefficients behind only Barca, Man City, Real Madrid and Man Utd whilst CSKA Sofia were considiered the 19th best team in the Euro Cup by the coefficients. So after that little rant why are they considered better than us? Why after reaching the CL final and the CL Semi-Finals (twice) can we still not attract players of any real calibre? I understand the league's not amazing (3* reputation) but our club is an exception! I did this to try and turn Litex into the best team in the world with the best youth players etc but I can't even attract youngsters from dutch teams. After amazing European success. Please somebody explain
  11. Cool, I imagine you a similar same mindset as me - Litex was great but after a while constantly winning the domestic double and challenging in Europe it got a bit repetitive whilst Red Star can attract a higher calibre of player and Partizan etc should actually offer a challenge! Oh and that large loan will make things more interesting too :-p
  12. Just got £172K but quite a bit of wages for season 4, no good players want to come though really. I think the bad transfer budget and lack of good-ish players wanting to come is because we're not in the champions league, if we make the group stage this year I'm hopeful we'll have a bit of money! Random question here but id you used to play as Litex? Sure I recognize your username.
  13. Wow Kasalica's goalscoring record for you is amazing! That Belgian regen looks very good too. Thought I'd post an update after my 3rd season... Here is the league table, as you can see we won the title for the second successive year with OFK Boegrad being our closest challengers this time around. We actually got the exact same points tally as last season! We scored 2 more goals this campaign and conceded one less so... progress! We did slip up too often though, it could have been so much easier had we been as consistent as we should have been. Meanwhile we avenged our final defeat last season by beating Partizan in the final of the Serbian cup. And finally a screenshot of the leagues top players based on the average ratings for the season: So overall it was a great one domestically. In Europe we went out in the first KO round of the Europa League after failing to make the Champions League group stage. I was kinda pleased to just get out of the group. The chairman once again pissed me off in January selling off young stars Jankovic and Mijailovic for £925K and £825K respectively. We did a lot better financially this time round whilst our star players were Cosic and Anicet in my mind. Anicet was joint top goalscorer while Cosic was brilliant from the back. I will try my best to keep hold of the best players at the club but if the chairman decides to be an idiot again that may not be possible. Two more season until that massive loan is done with so it'll be interesting to see how we do. Red Star is a very fun save, I'd certainly reccomend it! Edit: screenshot quality is appalling, I will try and improve it for my next update.
  14. You sold Lazovic?!? Woah dude he's amazing for me. I think the debt is the big problem, I'd like to think after it's wiped out we'll start getting reasonable transfer budgets of a few million each season!
  15. I have Dimitrijevic as a sub as well, he's ok but nothing more for me. Just finished my second season, won the title 4 points ahead of Partizan, lost in the Serbian Cup final to Novi Pazar (the same side we beat in the final last season) hopefully we can get into the champions league group as the money that goes with that is massive. My stand out players this season were Lazovic who topped both the top goalscorer and top assist maker tables for the league as well as having the highest average rating out of anybody in the league, Cosic who was a rock at the back after I signed him for £1.8M in my first season (I could see the potential, he has developed very well) and Tosic the left back who has been very good. I'd encourage you to bring Filip Jankovic through from the youth team, hes still only 18 on my game but he made 29 appearances in all competitions last season scoring 5 and assisting 5. Great little player. Hoping to strengthen if possible but finances are bad and I can't see me getting much.
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