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  1. Hi, i'm looking for a new laptop, i'm pretty hopeless with all the specifics and got told to come here. My budget is around £500-550 but could probably stretch to a little more. I am UK Based. Mainly want the laptop for purely FM and i usually run a database with around 60k players i believe. Many thanks, Neil
  2. Looking at getting a new laptop, ideally budget around £250-£500. I've been looking on Ebay/Amazon for refurbished so happy to have a refurbished laptop I usually load the following as playable leagues. England (Prem - League 2), France (Ligue 1), Spain (Top 2 divisions) Germany (Bundesliga-Bundesliga 2), Italy (Serie A-B), Holland (Eredivisie), Portugal (Top division) I also go large database and then on the advanced section, from what i remember, i add top division players from top clubs from Argentina/Brazil/Norway/Croatia/Denmark. I dont watch the games on 3D, More than happy with 2D Classic.
  3. @Experienced Defender Thank you for the response again, really appreciate your help. I'll take these into account when i go on later again. Great post!
  4. @Experienced DefenderNot sure fully on how to quote, yeah i agree it's logical that it may not work with most teams, just assumed with Bremen supposedly better than Hannover it would work. I didn't notice due to my own stupidity of not checking, 100% my fault on that. That's a good point regarding two ball playing defenders. The mentality is set as positive and then the team instructions are the default ones on Gegenpressing (Sorry away from my FM computer to check). I'm not too sure why the two DLP, I'll probably change Elneny to Ball Winning midfielder. I'm not so great on the tactics and roles. Seemed to work fine with Hannover though, i'll have to tweak a little. The Vargas is Matias Vargas (spelling could be wrong) from Velez i believe. I'm eager to learn more about tactics/instructions/roles on FM. I'm quite experienced on FM but not played it so much in recent years due to other things. Thank you for your response, very much appreciated. I've read a few of your posts in other threads.
  5. As the title says pretty much. I managed Hannover and got them into 5th place in my first season, i played with the pre set tactic of Gegenpressing. I thought i'd start a new game but with Werder Bremen. They have much better players than Hannover, so i thought i'd go them and try get Champions League in my first season. Anyway i'm in January and currently in the top 4, yet for months, we've been winning by the odd goal, but yet played so poorly, hardly creating any chances or dominating possession. With Hannover, i dominated pretty much each game or i'd atleast have some great chances. (I have the highlights on comprehensive). This is my formation below with player roles and dutys. (No player instructions, everything is the same as my Hannover save) 4123 GK Pavlenka SK(Att) LB Augustinsson WB (Sup) LCB Vavro BPD (Def) RCB Veljkovic BPD (Def) RB Pena WB (Supp) CDM Elneny DLP (Def) LCM Eggestein BBM (Supp) RCM Klaassen DLP (Supp) LW Vargas IF (Att) RW Sisto/Rashica IF (Supp) ST Kruse PF (Att) After writing these down, i noticed my 2 CB are best as central defenders, would you say that is my main issue? I guess it could be an issue but was not sure if it would be a main issue. My 2 CB at Hannove were Anton and Wimmer and they're BPD so i guess that says it all. Any tips?
  6. Hello all, My stupid question is quite long, i'll try my best to explain. I've played FM for years but not a consistent basis. How do you all know, how to approach a match, e.g If you're managing Mainz at home to FC Bayern, I usually just stick to my own formation/instructions and play it out and rarely change anything. Even away from home, i'd usually keep it the same but i'd perhaps only change from positive to maybe balanced/cautious. I feel like if i went cautious, played deeper and be more disciplined and maybe move my formation about, it could cost me the game anyway where if i kept my usual, it could get me a result (Perhaps Bayern not the best choice but hope you understand what i'm meaning). Do you have no player/team instructions pre game till you enter before the game and see opposition line up? I'm going to add opposition formation towards the 2D Classic so i see if they change formation during game, is it easy to sell for example if they have a LM/LW and they've got him on attack? My final question is, how do you all know what to do, to change a game, it sounds silly asking this. I have mine on 2D Classic and conservative highlights (Could be wrong name). I always seem to play on the same formation 4231 or 41221 and then my team/player instructions always the same. I love FM and i'd love to get much better at the game so going a "smaller" club in a decent league i can maybe achieve something. Sorry for the long post.
  7. Hi, How does everyone approach match day against opponents? Do you read much into team reports and focus on the opposing managers formation preferences and the oppositions players? Do you also change your style if vsing a certain side? I've always kept to my own principles even if a tough away game.
  8. I agree with you regarding the balancing act, it's tough. Good luck getting qualificication!
  9. Thanks for the response. I was thinking that but when the group is tough, i want my best team out but i also dont want to sacrifice the league either. It's a tough choice. I'm the same but around 93% on a player.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I am in a pretty tough group but more than capable of getting 2nd. It's mainly La Liga my worry is as i want to be in the race for the title but quite afraid of it all costing me if i have to go with some bench players, but i guess with you saying about not playing players under 85%, i should be able to get away with it hopefully. I have never been too sure on the player condition. I shall give that a go, was quite annoyed when i saw not much rotation available with both La Liga/Champions League registration. Thanks again for the reply, will take note of that.
  11. Hi, I'm currently managing in La Liga and i'm in the Champions League so i have quite a busy schedule. My questions are: 1) How often do you rotate for league games before CL or how many changes do you do? 2) What is the lowest fitness you actually start a player on? My team seem to be on 74-76% by half time, I've not played FM in few months so forgetting quite few things. La Liga you can only have registered for league games i think 21 or 22 players roughly (i think but i might be wrong as not got my game loaded at the moment). Thanks
  12. I brought in Phillip Lienhart on loan from Real Madrid. Started every game nearly for me at Werder Bremen. Not the greatest of stats but he was really solid. Also perhaps more well known but Kevin Lasagna from Carpi is a really good false nine. Scored 64 goals so far in 59 games. Very cheap too.
  13. Thanks for the response, seems like i shall be giving this a go, i do like the look of the formation so hopefully with me controlling the transfers instead of going on holiday and seeing how it plays, i can maybe make it more effective.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I usually just stick with 1 ST usually, so the second formation looks quite appealing to me although would be using a SS behind the CF
  15. Brilliant. I'll take a look and hopefully somehow make it work with Werder which i imagine will be a tough challenge!
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