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  1. Match Day

    Hi, How does everyone approach match day against opponents? Do you read much into team reports and focus on the opposing managers formation preferences and the oppositions players? Do you also change your style if vsing a certain side? I've always kept to my own principles even if a tough away game.
  2. Squad Rotation for Champions League

    I agree with you regarding the balancing act, it's tough. Good luck getting qualificication!
  3. Squad Rotation for Champions League

    Thanks for the response. I was thinking that but when the group is tough, i want my best team out but i also dont want to sacrifice the league either. It's a tough choice. I'm the same but around 93% on a player.
  4. Squad Rotation for Champions League

    Thanks for the reply. I am in a pretty tough group but more than capable of getting 2nd. It's mainly La Liga my worry is as i want to be in the race for the title but quite afraid of it all costing me if i have to go with some bench players, but i guess with you saying about not playing players under 85%, i should be able to get away with it hopefully. I have never been too sure on the player condition. I shall give that a go, was quite annoyed when i saw not much rotation available with both La Liga/Champions League registration. Thanks again for the reply, will take note of that.
  5. Hi, I'm currently managing in La Liga and i'm in the Champions League so i have quite a busy schedule. My questions are: 1) How often do you rotate for league games before CL or how many changes do you do? 2) What is the lowest fitness you actually start a player on? My team seem to be on 74-76% by half time, I've not played FM in few months so forgetting quite few things. La Liga you can only have registered for league games i think 21 or 22 players roughly (i think but i might be wrong as not got my game loaded at the moment). Thanks
  6. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    I brought in Phillip Lienhart on loan from Real Madrid. Started every game nearly for me at Werder Bremen. Not the greatest of stats but he was really solid. Also perhaps more well known but Kevin Lasagna from Carpi is a really good false nine. Scored 64 goals so far in 59 games. Very cheap too.
  7. 3 at the back

    Thanks for the response, seems like i shall be giving this a go, i do like the look of the formation so hopefully with me controlling the transfers instead of going on holiday and seeing how it plays, i can maybe make it more effective.
  8. 3 at the back

    Thanks for the reply. I usually just stick with 1 ST usually, so the second formation looks quite appealing to me although would be using a SS behind the CF
  9. 3 at the back

    Brilliant. I'll take a look and hopefully somehow make it work with Werder which i imagine will be a tough challenge!
  10. 3 at the back

    When i was testing, i was just adding the stuff on the 1st day and going on holiday, thought it'd be quicker and saves me doing all the signings etc to then discover it doesnt work. So perhaps i'll have to manage Bremen, do the signings to suit and then test and see how it works. Is it just the 1st post i ideally need to concentrate on? Many thanks once again.
  11. 3 at the back

    Good to see it can work well, i did get it to work with Koln as a 31411 but i fancied a change of formation and not to stick with the same one. I'll have to have a read of that forum again fully. I'd like a higher tempo but obviously a possession based ideally needs to be a low tempo.
  12. 3 at the back

    Thanks for the response, i did have a little look at that but i think the 5 in the midfield was not working for me too well, I may take a little more look into things. At the moment i'm questioning if for one of the two AMC to be a shadow striker and the other maybe to be Enganche perhaps. Just going to keep testing. Also i made it so i have 2 CDM instead of 1 CM and 1 CDM. Hopefully the testing works then i can start.
  13. 3 at the back

    Thank you for the reply. Appreciate it. I will give what you said a try. I agree, i believe 3 at the back is a great way of playing and it's a little challenge without having any wing backs. I seem to have the possession sorted on other formations but just not on this one. I was trying to also replicate a Bielsa/Sampaoli but finding that quite hard at the moment but for that, i'd need to rise the tempo to normal/higher. I never really touch the closing down option but seen somewhere that someone has done on the opposition instructions closing down on each opponent always.
  14. A Strange Sacking

    I had that funnily enough with Koln in the Bundesliga. They replaced my assistant manager who had a few years left with Patrick Helmes.
  15. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had any success with 3 at the back but without any wing backs? I've already done 31411 with Koln and i really enjoyed it but i fancy a different formation with a different team in the Bundesliga? Ideally i normally do low tempo, structured and retain possession and i dont make my team dribble (forgot the instruction name for that). I am currently Werder Bremen but i'm playing 311221 (3 CB, CDM, CM, LM, RM, AMCL, AMCR, ST) but noticed that i'm not really keeping possession quite well. I have the LM/RM as winger support and the AMCL and AMCR as Attacking Midfielders both on support. I seem to notice that my ST seems to be quite isolated so i could be going wrong perhaps on the player roles or perhaps my players dont suit the style of play. Any tips really or ideas for possession tactic without any wing backs? Sorry if this makes not much sense, i'm not the best at writing things out! Neil