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  1. Only decision hmm... Are you 100% sure about this ? . Should be a bigger penalty imo.
  2. Let me guess; most of the shots are from distance - outside penalty area right ?. I see this quite often too when the AI plays an attacking strategy, the players shot as soon as they can .
  3. Best tip I can give is to force your opponents to shoot from distance, by dropping your defense line to very deep. Also make your fullbacks tackle harder - they will infact try to get the ball much more frequently. I did this with Milan and the defence is so much stronger. My tactic; http://i.imgur.com/z6N5eYE.jpg http://i.imgur.com/i8FABMJ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/sx8l3Az.jpg Looks at those pictures - both matches against Fiorentina and Sampdoria won 2-0
  4. I made my preorder from gamefly - still waiting... anyone got their code yet ?
  5. Chelsea 2011/12 Thread

    any updates on drogba ?
  6. From the 2011 manual; 11.1.1. Physical Jumping This attribute related to a player's aerial reach from a standing start. It is an attribute which is relative to every other individual on the pitch. For example, a player who is 190cm will be able to reach higher than a player who is 170cm even with a poor jumping effort, regardless of the jumping ability the shorter player possesses.
  7. Seams like you found a very good way to communicate with the players at halftime. But what about pre match ? - I use expect performance/expect a win if morale is very good and for the fans if morale is ok. Those with poor morale get a no pressure .
  8. Looks like you have man marking on your FB ?. Nr 2 should stay more central if you put him on zonal marking ( not tight). Also set both your DC closing down to 0 - nr5 will then fall back to hes original position.
  9. Mr Hough; do you have man marking on all defenders, high defense line and play with offside on ? 22 clean sheets in 26 games is very impressive
  10. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  11. Let me quote PaulC; "Hug touchline - makes players move wider in general play. Not as if they had a 20, but if his position is 10 yards in this setting will change that to 5 yards. It will also have some effect when players dribble, but there are many factors there so it wont neccesarily dictate. Cut inside - simply encourages players on the ball to move infield with it from the wing. Move into channels - Movements out wide. "
  12. Its not something I made up. The info is straight from PaulC in the beta tester forum.