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  1. google is your friend. it's funny how a pop-up can satisfy even the most hardcore gamers.
  2. is it arranging a friendly on 25th december ? i'm confused....
  3. Looked very good. What screen resolution will it support ?
  4. too bad if playing in windowed mode, some of the information vanished. playing full game is unbelievable as it cannot run in background. I hope SI fix this soon....
  5. Which version should one with screen resolution of max. 1360x768 use ? Thanks.
  6. I hope can functioning perfectly on low res.... my monitor maxed out at 1360x768..... *keeping finger crossed
  7. really hope this is my christmas present...
  8. One question. Will this skin support smaller resolution, say 1360x768 ?
  9. another thread of players criticize the game's flaw; where nobody from SI need to answer as the fanboys will do the job for them while they sit watching with a big grin on their faces. I do wonder if there is a common acknowledgement of the flaw of the game ever from all the the players towards the game. None, is it ? That's why FM has been a perfect game since 2005.
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