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  1. I'm going to try get a SPL bit done also see my edit.
  2. Is this openly editable? I want to try beef up this wiki. Also is there a set/layout I should follow in order to maintain consistency in the articles appearance?
  3. o rly nice to see my advice taken on board layout is great
  4. You sure http://www.grimepedia.co.uk/wiki/Grime_Wikipedia:About
  5. Layout looks very poor thb, why not just seek to imitate wikipedia. *Awaits barrage of abuse*
  6. Why? You cant promote, you are a permanent part-time feeder club for the whole MLS,
  7. alot of good suggestions in here i thin we should submit a list of the most feasable and let si see them personally i would like to see improvements in the transfer system way too many silly transfers the game is almost creating a perfect transfer market reminiscent of past LMA manager games (forgive me i was young and poor)
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