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  1. Struggling to make this work with a very average Coventry side
  2. if u read the whole lot there are a lot of people using weaker teams
  3. Didn't get taken over start with a budget of just under 2 mil, but with a poor squad 2 mil is not even near close enough Crystal Palace start with a squad of more potential than Coventry in my opinion.
  4. This tactic is great tried so many different tactics with Coventry in the Championship and couldn't do better than about 15th with your tactic Mr. Hough won the Championship 1st season with about 5 games to spare Thank You.
  5. I just finished my 1st season using Piranha V6 with Man Utd won the EPL with 95 points only losing once.
  6. Have to say this is a top class tactic been in the Premiership with Coventry for a fair few years now my best finish was 3rd place used your Home tactic for 1 season and smashed the league on for 100 points with a few games left and also in champions league semi's. I have a very good squad most of them now regens but just couldn't win the league but thanks to your tactic finally got there Thank You.
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