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  1. I personally thought that if u had shorter passing selected in team instructions and u then added it to a player they would pass it shorter still. Thought it was similar to slider system where u could have your team passing short and a player even shorter if that makes sense
  2. Have to say this tactic is absolutely brilliant, using it in a Coventry save in the Premier League having used various Fulcrum tactics to get me there, and they got me into the champions league, but this tactic is something else halfway through the season after 19 league games i am top with 49pts, very impressed how good this is defensively it has more or stopped me conceding set piece goals and have only conceded 11goals in 19games.
  3. looking very promising at the minute will update after i have finished a full season
  4. 14.2 still working well for me just got Coventry into the Champions League for the 1st time with a 3rd place finish
  5. More than happy to stick with the way it is love it, u still have to manage well to get results thats what i like
  6. Update on my Coventry save finished 10th in my 1st season in the EPL and was knocking on the door of a champions league place near enough all season but let myself down last 4 games losing all, also got to the league final so achieved my original expectations if i was using S&S, so delighted with the way it went with 14.2 version 1st season. Good news as well moved back into the Ricoh so should be able to make a decent income now!!
  7. Set Pieces fine for me i scored 10 from corners last season highest in the league was 14 so is acceptable for me.
  8. Update after 23 league games of my 1st Premier League season i'm sitting 4th in the league and into the League cup final so well exceeding my expectations, don't think i have a single player worthy of playing in the Premier league so can't believe how well it is going, play some great stuff with 14.2 plenty of thru balls to my CF he's on fire again it helps that he doesn't get injured played almost every game in last 3 seasons
  9. Probably right playing in the Premier league with players that would be average in the championship
  10. On the old ME would have been to finish mid-table and have a decent cup run, but with the change of ME and tactic gotta be to just stay up i guess. Not really been able to do great business in the transfer market again, can't get this board to loosen the purse strings!
  11. Got Coventry out of the championship 1st time of asking using silk and steel, so going to the premier league with not a single premier league player my FM has just updated to 14.2 so going to change to S&S 14.2, hope it don't affect my complete forward(Callum Wilson) he's been on fire 1st 2 seasons!!
  12. Yes probably about 3/4 of the way through the season, it didn't help me much at the minute because still no wage budget hopefully change when i get budgets for the new season
  13. Coventry promoted 1st season finished 2nd without 10point deduction would have won it with 91pts CF(Callum Wilson)31goals CMA(Franck Moussa)16goals impressive stats all round, love the runs from the CMA.
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