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  1. Then they indeed get promoted to the top tier. I had my first season where this happened (don't have screenshot right now). 'Jong PSV' got promoted to the 'Eredivisie' which meant there was a regular PSV and the Jong PSV.
  2. In the Dutch Keuken Kampioen Division (2nd League) there are 'young' teams playing. Ajax B for instance. These teams cannot get promoted. In my FMT19 save however they are part of promotion matches. I finished 2nd behind PSV B which means I should've been promoted. I even got the message that I was promoted. At the end of the season however I still had to play promotion matches
  3. This is not a bug but rather a really bad decision. You have to go to the search screen for players (like you would do with transfers) and select all the English players. Then, you need to open each player individually, open the menu for that player and select "Call up for nation." It's stupid. I would rather see an overview of all players within my range (so only English players) with a checkbox in front of their name so I can quickly make my setup.
  4. It seems more people are experiencing this bug. Please assist in this because it is ruining the experience for me now.
  5. So. I'm playing Football Manager Mobile 2018. During the game I noticed quite a lot that sometimes I make an offer for a player which then gets bugged. At least, I think it's a bug. Or it's a feature that I haven't heard of. The steps I take are as follows: 1. I place a bid on a player 2. The club rejects the bid and informs me of the actual price I have to pay 3. Except. There is no option to accept or reject. And thus the player seems to always be in a negation with me. I can't place a new bid. I can't accept or reject the old bid. Other teams don't place bids either and thus the player stays with that team forever. I've attached some screenshots.
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