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  1. He's just torn his knee ligaments and is out for 2 months. The season starts in a week
  2. Wow Vidal looks awesome, he is coming in for 15m. thanks
  3. After having decent Chelsea games on previous patches, I decided to return for 11.3. Man City offered £46m for Essien in the first few weeks, which I, fancying a change, accepted. My dilemma now is that I have had two offers accepted, 27m for De Rossi and 29m for Busquets, and I have no idea which to go through with (if any, I'll happily take recommendations for other replacements). Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Cheers. AML it is, with Messi as his tutor
  5. Just got this guy through my Academy at Barca. He is natural as DM, ML, AML, AMC and accomplished at MC. What position do you think I should concentrate on for him?
  6. Absolutely fantastic result
  7. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUFffffffffffffffff
  8. Good goal Paraguay
  9. How the hell did that go in
  10. Nice goal again Slovenija
  11. Fantastic goal