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  1. But I can? You can see that I played two matches with 1 million capacity.
  2. I have managed to fix the problem, it's by merging the 117kb editor data with some other editor data and deleting the changes added by the merging. It seems the problem was that the editor saves editor data uncompressed if you load an .xml, even though you don't have the option to do it anymore.
  3. With this editor data containing a custom club and custom stadium, I set up a new game, it loaded up fine But after a few days, the stadium capacity suddenly changes to 85,000. Although it may be noted that the used capacity on club overview page doesn't change And the matches now definitely have 85,000 as maximum attendance. I also tried to start the game with a later starting date. The last friendly and first league match both played fine, whether attended or not, but after the league match it changes to 85,000 again I have also included the editor data file. RBL.fmf
  4. I tried to look into it, it appears that the problem is that the .fmf was an .xml file at first, I loaded it with the editor and saved it as .fmf I tried with a working .fmf, loading it and saving it as .xml, the game is stuck on loading screen again, I tried loading this .xml and save it as .fmf, then removing the .xml file. It appears that the resulting .fmf is 117kb compared to the original 17kb, and it also makes the game stuck on loading screen.
  5. Not sure if this post should go here. If I try to launch the game with this editor data, it's stuck on the loading screen. I've tried deleting the editor data and the game runs normally. Is there any way I can play with this editor data? Red Bull London.fmf
  6. Interesting, I really want something like the Iron Curtain database for FM19.
  7. Make sure his reputation is high enough
  8. in FM13? WOW! Now National Teams league is possible
  9. cutting inside to the penalty box (i thought "cutting inside" means to run onto penalty box, i'm really noob )
  10. well i didn't mean cutting inside from wide, but from centre (sorry i'm a noob )
  11. i wanna play flat 4-4-2, is there no way he could play as playmaker and cut inside (so when players are marked he could cut inside and shoot)
  12. I want my MCR to play the role of Playmaker and Inside Forward, my team do attack from flanks, so when winger cross my MCR can cut in to score, how can i do it?
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