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  1. Okay, so it's FM10 and I'm about 7-8 games into my first season of my Brighton save. We've been playing alright, in the top half, when we meet Colchester, who are a couple of places below us. Now I was expecting just another scrappy League One match, but my Brighton team weren't having any of it. They knocked one in after about 30 seconds and the next 40 minutes were free flowing, attacking football, which saw us 5-0 up. Unsurprisingly I was delighted, and despite the fact Colchester grabbed a late consolation in first half stoppage time, I was still delighted with the boys. I told them I was 'pleased' at half time, which whenever I use it (I suck at team talks) seems to translate as 'do whatever you want in the second half'. So Colchester came at us right from the start of the second half, and I sat there helplessly as the scoreline went 5-2, 5-3, 5-4, 5-5 until Colchester took a 6-5 lead in the 80th minute. Out of anger, I took of a CB and brought on another striker, and went to 'Overload'. We got one back in the 88th minute, which took the game to a respectable 6-6 draw. Or so I thought, until the beautiful person that is Febian Brandy drove through the Colchester defence for one more time, before firing a 20 yard shot past the keeper. An absolute rollercoaster, which is what I think FM is all about.
  2. In real life, my club side once went 13 games without conceding, with me playing at centre-back. On FM, I think it's around 10 with my Liverpool team.
  3. John Terry wins Golden Boot

    Isn't the real problem here that Owen managed to score 4 goals?