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  1. OK - started using this last night in my career save where I'm currently Newcastle. After having mixed success with V1.....still getting similar results except I'm getting hammered away from home at the big teams lost 7-2 away at Man City and lost 6-3 away at Arsenal. I've not tried the "counter" option away from home but I'm thinking i may need to either tweak this tactic and have a true DM in there or use a different tactic when I'm away at the big boys. Oh and I have Bayern Munich in the Champions League :0(
  2. Just started using this in my career save - second season in and Derby's first in the Premier League.....awesome results at home, beat Man Utd & Arsenal 4-1 but drew away to QPR 3-3! Only played around 3 or 4 games with it so far but looking pretty good. Will try setting up with 'counter' for the away games and see how i go. Looks very promising though!
  3. Just a quick contribution to the thread - I'll update as i go! Just started a new game with Newcastle (online game with my housemate). Struggling to offload players though. Out (or trying to) Oberton - Eventually went on loan to Mainz. No one was willing to bid for him and he refused to push through the move. Ferguson - Can't shift for anything! Loan or permanent Dummett - See above, won't leave! Williamson - Palace snapped him up as soon as i put him up for sale In Balanta 7.5million Joel Campbell - On loan for the season Trying to bring in Lucas Romero but struggling to agree a fee. Colbeck is a Championship level player with his CA, he needs games and if i can get Romero in then i may loan him out. Staff Completely reshuffled. Tried to get rid of Carver but he's contracted until 2020, he agreed a new deal until 2016 for only a grand a week etc. I'll shift at the end of the season i think. I've just completed pre-season with decent results apart from a 4-2 spanking by Dynamo Kiev but my team was massively unfit. Hopeful for the new season, especially once i start to get some players back. Then hopefully in Jan I'll be able to shift some more of the deadwood on and bring in one or two new signings. One thing i will say, the board are more than happy to improve training & youth facilities, as well as looking for an affiliate. Will report more soon!
  4. Dodgy Mega download link......tries to make you download some insurance file!!!
  5. Awesome will give this a try! I started a game with Bradford using the old Tyke tactic and won succesive promotions as champions! Just started a the premiership season and reckon i will need all the help i can get!! Will let you know how i get on.....
  6. Not sure how much success everyone else is having with this tactic but I've just won league 2 and i'm only a week or two into March! I'll try and get some screen shots but off the top of my head i've only lost 1 or 2 league games. I had a period where i drew about 4 on the bounce but other than that its been a great success! Now all i have to do is try and survive league one!!
  7. And another update....... Played some more last night, 2 manager of the months back to back, roughly W14, D1, L1 - one thing i have noticed is the midfield needs to be 'mobile' if you have lazy players or slow(or old) players my assitant complains that the gap between midfield and attack is too big. As for having people sent off....Andrew Davies is on his 11th yellow card and i've only just got into December!!
  8. Just to update, by the time i finally switched off I had won 7 on the bounce! My wingers are tearing the league apart Forsyth (Loanee Watford) and Thompson. I have a mixture of strikers (all league two level) and their all filling their boots. Brilliant tactic so far.......
  9. Just plugged this into my Bradford save, first season. 2 games in 4-0, 2-0 & 2-0....granted all at home but looking good!
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