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  1. Liverpool home first game. Time for someone to do a new thread
  2. Yeah our CM options are looking better now with Xhaka, Coq, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla and Elneny. Hopefully there will be plenty of games for them to be rotated, and Cazorla may even be used further forward again. I'd still like a CF and a CB, and wide player even if one of Theo\Ox leave
  3. Nah be like a new signing when he comes back.
  4. The fans fault \o/ Great way to win them back! Hopefully statement like this are making those higher up question if this is the way forward.
  5. Prob not going to renew my membership this summer, my dad is the same. I don't think us finishing 5th will result in him leaving either
  6. Those contract extension talks with Sanchez and Ozil could be interesting if we don't make top 4.
  7. Thought Manolas was off to Chelsea? Morata unlikely I think, purely on price. I reckon he will be sold back to Real using their buy back, then go for crazy money from there
  8. Don't think confidence can get any lower anyway
  9. Is anyone genuinely pro Wenger now? I certainly don't know anyone personally.
  10. Suspect it will be Bellerin, Gibbs, Monreal and Chambers vs Watford
  11. I think the only way he will go is if we finish outside the top 4. Regardless of whether Spurs or Leicester win the league, that would have been the minimum target and if he achieves that, then I don't think the board would act. Then we'll just get the reports of a war chest available, looking for players to improve the squad, some players returning form injury blah blah blah.
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