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  1. Sparky9334

    Transformers - Michael Bay destroying our childhood

    Not poor Wheeljack, jsut lying there dead on the floor
  2. Sparky9334

    Transformers - Michael Bay destroying our childhood

    The eyes popping out was a bit wierd
  3. Sparky9334

    Transformers - Michael Bay destroying our childhood

    The soundtrack too
  4. Sparky9334

    Day thread

    As a company we've used these beofre, and they have recovered our data each time https://www.krollontrack.co.uk/services/data-recovery/
  5. Sparky9334

    Day thread

  6. Sparky9334

    Day thread

    Not there for me either
  7. Sparky9334

    Day thread

    The ocean floor?
  8. Sparky9334

    Day thread

    Isn't "we like to say yes" your bank ethos?
  9. Sparky9334

    Day thread

    The Stupid Bank?
  10. I've got tickets for Friday, but I missed black panther as was so busy at work and home. Do I really need to see it? Anything important in there or post credits?
  11. We are driving to cornwall in August (about 5 hours) and I plan on downloading a load of Peppa and Paw Patrol on the ipad to give our 2 year old. The 6 year old loves writing down all the car makes and ticks them off whenever we go on long journeys. He might need a sheet of A3 for this drive
  12. Thanks Rob. We had an ENT appointment about 4 weeks ago where they said they will be arranging the op, before that he had to have 3 hearing tests over 6 months, with each one showing either no improvement, or hearing was worse, before they would refer us to ENT. I've chased just this week about an op date, I will clal again and ask about any short notice appointments, which I'm more than happy to do.
  13. In reply to Bacons post on ADHD, We are going through it now too, they try to hold off with diagnosing until at least 6 these days. The school have pushed for it too as he has some issues with attention, behaviours, and listening, and some of it affects the rest of the class. Some kids develop later than others though hence why at 4.5 they may not want to diagnose. We are also waiting for ENT as he has permentnat glue ear and they want to fit grommetts, so the hearing isuses may be that? One thing we have noticed recenty is an improvement in his behaviour since we started giving him vitamins & iron (just the one a day kids ones from wilko/Tesco). Since we started them school have said he has improved and we notice it too at home. My mum menntioned I was told to take them when I was around 6 as I was truggling with tiredeness and it made my behaviour worse, which they put down to needed vitamins & iron.