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  1. Hi all, I need some help, below is the tactic i am using with the team instructions. I currently have no PI's set. I want my front 4 to play quick one touch pass an move football. For the life of me i just cant get it working, any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Regards Luq
  2. Hi all, This would be my first post, so please be patient with me.... Where to start? Im an avid Chelsea supporter and happy watching them play under Conte's 343 system. Naturally i would want to duplicate as much of this system as i could in fm2017. Below are the details in my attempt and maybe some of you could give me some insight if im going in the right direction. This is my formation. Off the bat many would argue that Hazard and Willian should be out wide as inside forwards. This is the first problem i encountered: playing them as inside forwards with no PI's would often leave them and the wingbacks in the same area of the field. Bringing them to the center with a PI of "move into channels" worked better. if anyone knows how to make them work in tandem i would appreciate your insight. So, this was the first thing i tackled when creating this tactic, player positioning and roles. I left the team tactics alone (standard, flexible and no TI's) The only change i would make is when playing Matic with Kante, i would use Matic as a CM of defend duty. In terms of PI's only my two AM have "move into channels" - rest are bog standard. After the 5th game i wanted more procession and settled on Control, Flexible for team mentality and shape and below as the TI's For matches i dont use any opponent player instructions as i feel my formation, TI's and PI's should be able to defend properly without needing any specific instructions. Now for the results: Some good wins there against City, spurs and Arsenal. Im not breaking any records but that was never my intention. I welcome your thoughts and comments and thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. i have the same problem, even on low. It plays for a few seconds then pauses for a bit then starts again. What to do!
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