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  1. 9 hours ago, jc577 said:

    Hi everyone,

    Just finished my first two seasons at United and overall, it's been pretty successful. I like to start with the first summer transfer window disabled just to keep a bit of realism and see how well (or not) I can do with a good, but nowhere near world class squad. 

    Season 1


    Season 1 finished with an impressive 92 points (didn't make any transfers in January either), but Liverpool were just unstoppable. In Europe, we managed to reach the CL final, with some impressive wins over Barcelona and PSG leading to a mouth-watering Manchester Derby. Unfortunately, we just didn't turn up on the day and lost 4-0 :(. Liverpool also knocked us out in the fifth round of the FA Cup, with a narrow 1-0 loss seeing us exit the competition. 

    So overall, a decent season all things considered but we need to strengthen in some key areas in order to really make a push for the title next season.

    Season 2


    Just like Fergie used to, I like to get my transfers done early :D 1083831997_Screenshot2021-06-15at11_43_59.thumb.png.ffe4547070e03d580ae9535fbe556864.png

    A double swoop from Inter saw us sign two very important players in Hakimi and Bastoni. Much like real life, AWB needed competition, and an unhappy Hakimi was just too good to turn down, at a fairly reasonable price. Bastoni at just 22 years old made the perfect partner for Maguire. Strong, fast, agile and intelligent with superb ball-playing abilities. Oh, and he's left-footed too. I'd recommend anyone to try and sign him. 


    United's midfield has been poor for as long as I can remember, so this was rectified by signing Ajer from Celtic to play the HB role, and wonder-kid Florentino Luis who I'd argue is the new Kante. He won the most tackles in the league by some distance, as well as having the best tackle success rate. 

    Outgoings were fairly straightforward.. Mata, Bailly, Fred, James, Lingard and Rojo all left, and somehow managed to con Norwich into paying almost £10M for Phil Jones :lol: Whilst some younger players were sent out on loan to further improve their game and highlight their ability. I aim to introduce Hannibal, Diallo and Mengi into first team regulars over the next season or two, which could see a change in formation. 

    The League


    This was arguably the best domestic season i've ever had on FM, winning the league by a landslide and equalling/breaking many records in the process, including the record for most wins in a season, and the most points. We also equalled City's record of winning 18 matches in a row... hopefully we can hit 19 next season :D We also scored an astonishing 110 goals, whilst only conceding just 19. 

    As you can see, our front trio completely ripped the league apart!

    The Tactic 

    For anyone interested, here is the tactic:


    Now the big task is preparing for season 3.. honestly I can't figure out what position needs to be strengthened! 



    Amazing season! Did you use any specific Player Instructions in your tactic?

  2. On 06/06/2021 at 09:41, pileto said:

    How did your second season go mate?

    Well it wasn't as good as my first, but still managed to finish 4th which is good of course.



    My transfers had some troubles to play on a high level. Calvert-Lewin wasn't as good as Michael Antonio was. I hope to strengthen the team further in the next transfer window and finish top-4 again next season.

  3. Really curious how the second season will go. I won the CS against Man City on penalties (again) to start with.

    Because of the relegation of Everton I had a good transfer window. I bought Calvert-Lewin and Mason Holgate. Also took over Dawson permanently. And last but not least I took over Vlasic to take the spot of Lingard.

  4. 1 hour ago, Skywalk3r83 said:

    I had a look to this and tried to replicate this in FM21 but I can’t set the pressing intensity for the IF’s, CF and Mez to more urgent🤔


    You can buddy.

    First you have to set the defensive line to standard and the pressing intensity in the middle (which makes it "slightly more urgent". After you have done that, you should be able to adjust the player instruction "pressing intensity" of the 3 forwards. After you've done that, you can put the defensive line higher again, and the pressing intensity back to "More urgent".

  5. 1 hour ago, Ripamon said:

    Following on from my comment on the previous page, where I uploaded various pkms of my beloved Schalke carrying out Guardiolae-esque principles of play (see here) I felt it was time for a new challenge. A new environment in a new country. A country where there existed a heavyweight which needed to be toppled, whose financial strength could never be matched. It was time of course, to head to the so-called farmer's league to dethrone the mighty PSG. 

    The year was 2022. The team, Lyon. I wasted no time in applying my tactics and buying a couple of players who could carry out my vision for the team. 




    These are the results of the two seasons I've managed so far. In the first, I also reached the Europa league final but got pumped 5-0 by Arsenal (lol). In my second, as you see here, we managed to outdo our previous record, scoring a mighty 122 goals and only conceding 19. The title race went down to the final day, where a 9-0 win over Strasbourg sealed my 2nd title in a row. PSG were well and truly dethroned. Additionally, we have managed to qualify for the Champions League Final, where premier league winners Manchester United await in 2 weeks time.


    My beloved squad


    Possession stats and pass percentage are excellent. I'm also really pleased with the few amounts of goals conceded, combined with our offensive potency. We dominated the competition in almost every attacking statistic, including a hilarious 17 goals from corners (Konate bagged 13 goals)

    Almost all my goals were the results of the attacking patterns outlined in my last post. As my players trained and developed, their offensive potency grew to truly scary levels


    like this


    or this



    or this!


    The TACTIC

    As you can see, it's nothing too revolutionary. I used to use a bunch of PI's and TI's. But over the course of my testing, I began to strip down the unnecessary ones, one by one, observing keenly and taking copious notes. What you see here is the final result of hours spent watching full matches and plenty of spent ink on written notes.

    What instruction made the biggest difference? 

    Without a doubt, whipped crosses. Think again about how Manchester City play. The majority of their crosses (not cutbacks!) are absolutely fizzed into the penalty area at great pace. Principally by Mendy and KDB. These are equivalent to whipped crosses. You don't need jumping reach to get on the end of them. Nor much heading ability. In fact I found the majority of whipped crosses to be drilled at knee height or so. The higher ones would be fizzed right on top of the attackers head, needing only a slight redirection to take it past the keeper. Tsygankov's 25 assists and Aouar's 21 assists were mainly from these whipped crosses.

    Other random tidbits

    - None of my players in both seasons ever reached 30 goals. The goals were often spread evenly around the team, with six players scoring more than 10 goals this season, and 3 of those scoring 24 (Esposito), 23 (Moukoko) and 21 (Brenner). The spread of goals was delightful and reinforced the fact that this is a fluid, flexible team with varied goalscoring avenues.

    - The tactic performs surprisingly well in tough away games as well. During the 2 seasons at Lyon, I only suffered 2 away defeats to juggernauts in France or in Europe (1-2 to PSG and 0-1 vs Monaco). The team was also able to maintain excellent possession and superior XG vs these teams as well. The superb away performances are a major reason the team was able to make Europa league finals in the first season, and the upcoming CL final in the second.

    Which PI's did you keep/use?

  6. I'm playing since the Man Utd game with your tactic. It's producing some very good football, I'm really enjoying myself right now (and I don't even have a lot of players suiting the tactic). The Champions League games and the Carabao/FA cup games I played with a heavily rotated squad so I'm really impressed.

    I'm really looking forward to your final tactic, and meanwhile I'm having a lot of fun with the current one. This is by far one of my favorite threads in the last couple of years, so keep up the good work man!


  7. 1 hour ago, TommyToxic said:

    I use the High LOE when I think I can actually win the ball higher up. I just tried to do it vs Man Utd after conceding an early pen, which resulted in them winning 3-0 because their players easily passed themself out of our press.  I naturally use low LOE more, since I'm almost always the weaker team in PL matches.

    Sounds logical yeah!


    concerning the OI's, you put all AMC/MC/DMC on tight marking and pressing allways? And all the AML/ML/WBL/DL on left foot, and the right sided ones on right foot?

  8. 46 minutes ago, TommyToxic said:

    I've read this thread and the previous hoofball thread. Thanks to everyone that contribute, it's great reading material! I've had a lot of success with my Stoke team. Finishing 1st in the championship, currently 7th in the PL after 24 matches. The idea is pretty simple, long balls to the AF who runs at goal, or to a more stationary TM who can protect the ball until support arrives. We play narrow so that forwards have close support after the long ball from defense or GK, this also means that we have lots of players in and around the box during attacks. OIs are set up to mark and press dangerous central players, while wide players are forced wide so they have to cross. I have very few PIs, the MR get further forward, and the fullbacks stay wide in possession and cross towards the TM. I stop telling them to cross it to the TM if he is marked by a CB with better aerial ability. I'm not sure if you would consider this a counter tactic or hoofball, the game atleast recognises me as playing route one.





    Looks great!

    When do you play the Low LOE and when the High LOE?

  9. 4 hours ago, nidhar.ram said:

    Alright, It was the opening match week of the season and to be honest, I was a little nervous going into this match against Bilbao who always bring their A game against strong opponents,

    It is half time at Metropolitano and this is where we are. Just WoW.. 


    All goals from open play. Quick passing triangles, pulling the opposition to one flank and unlocking the other. One of the goals shown below.

    @04texag - I did tweak TI's ever so slightly and toned down the mentality to Attacking. I also moved AP(A) to forward strata and played him as TQ.  

    My new signing Everton Cebolinha from SLB has certainly lit up the half.



    What TI's did you tweak?

  10. 4 hours ago, 04texag said:

    I've noticed this at times too. I initially tried using the CM-S, vanilla but with hold position and dribble less, but my guys still got too far forward. I am using players though that could quite feasibly play a more expansive/playmaking role, so that's probably the problem. I still think I could use an actual destroyer type player, but just don't have any. There's a 16 year old BWM that I'm hoping to groom for this role.

    Is he playing on the left wing? AML? I like that he's an either footed player, good pace, dribbling and work rate.


    Ya, it's probably best to settle on a team and see how their starting roster looks. I would do one of these two tactics. 

    Currently, my backup senior tactic is my FM21 take on the JdP tactic from my tactical series on positional play. I use this often with my senior squad. It also is the tactic that my U20 team uses, as I want these players to all have familiarity with it. I believe this should be a good base tactic without too much specialization. But for a team without great players, you coudl change the RPM to a dlp-s with dribbles more.



    Another option if you don't have a good AMC to start would be my first version of the 433. This tactic is much more simple, and I use this for my U18 squad. I have the FBs advanced to Wingback positions, as I want youth training and playing this role to boost their offensive training/crossing/work rate, etc. You could easily just drop those back to the regular defensive line spot.


    So far it has not been an issue, and I imagine that's because the players are still playing games in their primary position. This probably hurts their taking up the new position, so I try to get some game time at each. I'm sure there is an optimal way to approach this, so if anyone else has knowledge on this, would love to hear advice here.


    Can you give a detailed overview of your player instructions? It's kinda confusing which one your are using in each role now

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