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  1. Have tryed wigan they seem to have alot of money in first transfer window. Anybody got some ideas for others team ?
  2. Im missing all of the options from 13 :/// really boring the tactics in 14. You should have alot more to pick from :/ you can do better then this sigames
  3. Hmm im really missing alot of the stuff from 13 version, more or less all you can do is click the drible more and such :/ dont know if its just me. But i feel like there should be alot more options for tactics. Also in team tactics all you can do is fluid and mentalty and then shouts. Is it just me that feels like this
  4. Well not talking lowest league, but like 1-2 leagues down.
  5. Like it says, anybody got some idea ? Italy or england would be best .
  6. Like this titel says Can we get and update on when next patch will be out?