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  1. If you indeed watch football you should know there have been countless of times where bigger teams such as Real, Barcelona, United etc have been beaten by teams they should win against on paper every time due to lack of motivation / complacency / luck. This was a fluke result and they happen. If you're going to throw a tantrum every time it does happen, this is the wrong game for you.
  2. I honestly can't tell if this is genuine praise or some next level sarcasm.
  3. My personal take is that the UI is better this year in terms of functionality. I at least think it is way faster to navigate and find stuff after getting used to it. How aesthetically pleasing it is up to you to decide. The only thing that to me is definitely worse than previous year is the tactic screen but I assume you've already read that from countless others. As far as match engine goes, aesthetically it is the best one by far. I won't comment on the balance just yet, beta was quite terrible with awful defenders, goalkeepers and crosses being far too good and those 3 combined lead to rid
  4. No. ME in beta was 1529, ME in full game is 1531. I would like to take this opportunity in hand and re-iterate what I said previously as the first time it was misunderstood. SI, is it possible to get a changelist of the differences between ME 1529 (beta) and 1531 (live)?`I know I am not the only person who is interested in that. If not that's perfectly okay but an answer would at least be very appreciated.
  5. Yeah. The 15.03 version of the game which was the final beta version had ME 1529. You said that full version of the game is ME 1532 is obviously there are difference between the final beta update and the full game, a list of changes between those would be nice.
  6. A question about the strikers, basically you want two "poacher" types, correct?
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