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  1. I think he's going to be a bit of an impact sub, from what I've seen of him, he does have a nice bit of pace. Not the greatest skills, though. Doesn't really matter though, he is out for the season with a knee injury I think it is, and he was only on a year's contract, don't know if he'll come back. Bryan little has been a decent player however, I think he should be getting more playing time than he is currently.
  2. New Zealand's league can't hold up anywhere near the USL1. Our Portland Timber's manager, Gavin Wilkinson, is a kiwi and he rates it at barely in USL-2. Of course, we have signed two top scorers from there, namely Bryan Little and Benji Totori and Bryan's not getting any time out on the pitch, and Totori hasn't either (Cause he is injured ) neither of them have scored yet. I can honestly say that I think more people will buy the game if the USL Division is in it, as for the Aussie State Leagues and New Zealand leagues, can't really say the same. I can see why you are fine with it, you can manage Sydney F.C.
  3. First off, that is how most things are done in American sports, it is just a different culture. As for the not getting promoted, you are right, they wouldn't progress to the so-called 'highest' level in America. It is quite different than any other league in that the two are separate entities, and the quality level is almost the same, the USL just doesn't recieve the treatment the MLS does, mostly because of money-related issues. And, as a matter of fact, the Open Cup now gives Concacaf Champion's League I believe, so there is that. Its just like playing in any other lower-quality league, the MLS doesn't really have anything to do with the USL.
  4. Portland have been having a rough time as well. But we just re-signed Byron Alvarez, so we're going to dominate again. Timbers franchise leading goal-scorer for the win! As for why they were taken out, not too sure, to be honest. Lots of people seem to want them, I know at least six or seven who would buy the game if it had the USL leagues in it.
  5. I've got a season ticket to the Portland Timbers. Would love to see them in the game.
  6. It seems like the ones most wanted are: Lower level English leagues USL1&2, PDL J-League Lower Welsh Leagues Seeing as I think it is Konami owns the rights to J-League, can't see that happening. USL would be fairly simple, and would get plenty of researchers (I know loads that would help out for Timbers). I don't really know about the lower level English leagues, but I do know that at least some of the lower WPL clubs would be hardput to find researchers for their squad, although I'm sure there would be a league researcher who could fill that in.
  7. I want to manage in the U.S, but with the USL Divisions instead of MLS. I think that would be loads of fun, about the same quality as the MLS, just less money around and no odd draft system. Probably wouldn't cost much to get licenses either. The league gets around 3k people (For some of the lesser teams, new teams and ***** teams like Seattle) to 10-13k like Portland and Montreal. Which I do believe is more than a lot of the lesser European teams..., like the Welsh Premier and some of the Slavic countries, etc...
  8. The main one that I want is the USL Division 1. USA's second division, which is really of about the same quality as the MLS. AND it doesn't have the ridiculous draft and transfers system the MLS does. Hell, I would even be a scout for my local Portland Timbers if it happened - I'm sure they'd get loads of people to do it.
  9. Hey mate, know you are probably tired of people asking you for one, but any chance I could get one of Clive Owen?
  10. Its pretty difficult to explain. Basically you need to get a .png of the player you want it to be of. Then you need to get FM Graphics Configurator (http://www.sortitoutsi.net/index.php?page=downloads&area=file&fileid=2495) The readme pretty much explains it, but the important part is to get the player tag of the player, rename the .png to that, then run the configurator to make a config.xml. Then it should be good to go. I assume you already know how to put normal graphics in the game? If not, just ask. Anyway, did some more of that style portraits, you can see them here: http://s264.photobucket.com/albums/ii167/shiny223/ I guess I might download the database... I think Shearer should be added, and I think that they should be on free transfers, also think that they should be in their twenties (24-27, I would say)
  11. Okay, did one tell me if you like it. http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/2408/beckenbauercu2.png
  12. I'll do some pictures for these if this is still going. I'm not going to use it, so I won't download it. Just give me the player #s and I'll do at least some of them.
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