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  1. Official Countdown Thread

    It says play now but it takes me to preload. gotta wait
  2. Official Countdown Thread

    Go on to youtube. Rebecca Black - FRIDAY Make sure to convert this song to an MP3 and let it play all night long while playing FM12 since its also going to be a friday soon.
  3. Official Countdown Thread

    Didnt you read it? The point of the thread is the wide infastation of REBECCA BLACK.
  4. Official Countdown Thread

    Southpark just had a show about wikileaks? Damn i wonder what cartman did. Watching it later for sure.
  5. Official Countdown Thread

    Has this been implemented in the game?
  6. Official Countdown Thread

    Watched every single episode of 24 for 8 seasons Watched the first season of game of thrones and yes its amazing. Never heard of the wire. I will give it a shot too.
  7. Official Countdown Thread

    True If he was still in England he would probably play with Stoke City or a team at that calibre. Not a high quality player for sure. But still solid.
  8. Official Countdown Thread

    He is in Galatasaray now... Plays regularly in the Turkish national side as well.. He chose Turkey over England for more playing time. He is a good winger. A solid one... I hope he got some attribute raise in this new version.
  9. Official Countdown Thread

    Damn you guys. I am now listening to another song from Rebecca Black... Called MY MOMENT... Damn the melody is getting stuck in my head. I can picture myself singing these songs while taking a shower for at least 1 week. And oh, please dont picture me taking shower by the way.
  10. Official Countdown Thread

    I truly lost the desire to play FM for a month thanks to Rebecca Black's amazing song. I pity the electricity spent while shooting this video.
  11. Official Countdown Thread

    Fernando Muslera Felipe Melo Milan Baros Tomas Ujfalusi Emmanuel Eboue Albert Riera Johan Elmander you cant go wrong bro. You just cant.
  12. Official Countdown Thread

    First time hearing this song and this girl. This thing better be a parody or something because after living 5 years in USA, and seeing things like the Bieber guy, and now this, makes me loose faith in Music. I mean how old is the guy driving the convertible? 13 ?
  13. Official Countdown Thread

    Galatasaray. Best challange. I tell you.
  14. Yeah I remember 2 years ago the guys who preloaded the game could not play it. We had to verify the game or something like that but this was figured out at least 30 minutes or so later. I had uninstalled my game and reinstalled it right after the release because the fix was not out yet. Damn the servers were so slow.
  15. Official Countdown Thread

    WOW its been at least 10 years that i never even thought of this show. I used to watch the hell out of it when i was a kid. Good memories.