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  1. Good effort man, thanks for this. Random question, when I played your last DB Anzi were the most reputable team in the world. Was this a mistake ?
  2. I feel my starting 11 is solid. At the start of the season I thought my right back wasn't great, just 3 star CA, but he went on to have an awesome season. I may just bring in some solid utility players. I didn't have many injuries at all in my first season, so used my first 11 throughout.
  3. A common problem I've had on FM for years is analizing my squad at the end of the season. If I've had a good season and all my players have played well, I'm never sure where to strengthen. For instance my team just recently finished second, now every player has a solid 7.2 rating or higher in my first 11, but I've ultimately fell short. I was wondering where to spend my money this season, my left back is 30, but I have an awesome 17 year old coming through who isn't quite ready, so I was pondering a left back. My striker won golden boot, my winger got player of the season, and the rest of my team looks very very solid. I wanted to bring in a DLP, as my current one wont play through balls, and failed to unlearn this PPM, but he finished with a solid goals tally and racked up the assists, final rating of 7.4 for the season. Whats your strategy on reviewing your team at the end of the season?
  4. Came second by 2 points. So fustrating. lost 1 and drew two of my last 5 games. Finished the season with 86 points.
  5. How do I deal with end of season the end of season collapse? I was top of the league, with 5 games to go in some good form. I am Sevilla so I am over performing, and then I lose away to Malaga, and draw 0-0 against Sociedad, who had zero shots on goal and I had 24 with 6 CCC. A lot of my players were nervous. Is there a way to stop this?
  6. I tried to experiment with different shouts. I tried pass into space, and play though defence with exploiting the flanks. I found this gave me 80% long shots. I thought this would be playing more through balls there for less long shots? Is my logic flawed. I am using the OP system with DLF attack and right winger IF.
  7. I have Messi as the DLF, he got poor ratings for the first two games, so I switched it up then he turned into a goal machine. My IF is still hitting too many long shots, although it is Ben Arfa, who seems to do that no matter where you play him. I'm finding my AM (Lampard) isn't as good as I thought he would be I wanted a few more goals from him.
  8. What is the reason for 1 attack full back and 1 support? Can you not have 2 attacking full backs? I play the same way as you with the DLF as attack and the right IF on support.
  9. I'm struggling somewhat with longshots now with my diamond. I'm only playing my formation in Europe and cup games. I'm playing 3 cbs, wingbacks, the diamond then a lone striker. I feel I'm currently playing Adam Campbell there, who I want to turn into the next Messi, he is being tutored by him. I have Ben Arfa behind him. The problem seems to be finding a balance between my advance play maker (Ramsey, Nick Powell or Lampard) my AMC and Striker.
  10. Thanks for the response, very helpful. Think I'm going to play a midfield of Vuckic, HBA, Tiote and Cabaye with Anita at left or right back as he can play there. If I play a TQ would that affect my DLF?
  11. I was thinking of playing that way. Could Cabaye or Marveaux not be used to attack? Or maybe train Bigirimana to play there? I may play Ferguson at LB for the first part of the season. I'm restarting as I got sacked, and I play with no transfer window enabled. Thanks for the response.
  12. Let me have a play about then I will post some screens up. I feel the starting Newcastle squad is best suited to a diamond formation, due to the 3 good centre mids Tiote, Anita and Cabaye, the lack of any decent wingers apart from HBA who can play AMC. They also have 2 quality strikers. With Anita and Tiote on defensive and Cabaye providing the link up between the midfield and attack? I tried playing 4-1-2-2-1 with Newcastle but they don't have a decent left winger. Marveaux is hit and miss.
  13. I need some help with my midfield diamond. I want to play the way OP is, and have set up a tactic as rigid, counter. I am also Newcastle in the first season, playing with the Newcastle players, sadly for me my AM is injured for a while (Ben Arfa) so have opted for Marveaux. I am using shouts of retain possesion, play out of defence and push up. I feel with my tactic there is no movement and I am just shutting out teams. My average positions for my strikers are the edge of the centre circle, my passing is around 80%. I play with the AM on attack instead of support, my leftback attack. Going to attempt pushing my my defence line up a bit although Coloccini and Taylor aren't the quickest defenders around.
  14. I know, I just signed Lacina Traore and RVW on frees so and just seen them as a bargain. As a result I've messed up my season. Would having my wingers hold the ball up a bit help this?
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