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  1. Could I use a TM(a) in a short passing tactic as a hold up player to bounce passes of. I don't want to use a DLF as i still want him to lead the line and always be in the box when crosses come in.
  2. Great thanks, that's what I had hoped just wanted some confirmation. May I ask what laptop you have ?
  3. About to purchase a Gigabyte P37W V5, (not just for FM) But was wandering how this would do playing the newer titles such as the Division. Not looking for different laptops as I am getting an unbelievable deal on this one.
  4. PSG have developed him decently when it comes to physical stats got over 13 for all I think bar jumping reach, however one thing I was surprised to see was his vision was only 14
  5. Just signed him for Stoke in the fifth season, anyone had any experience with him, and if so what do you think his best role is. Always one player I've wanted to buy throughout the last three FM's but never got around to buying him
  6. Depends on the settings you currently play on. Turing attribute masking on ETC would make it more of a challenge
  7. Brought mine for around £500 i think, got a 5* rating, although probably going to look to upgrade soon had it over a year now but it's still going strong. Basically look for deals on a custom build or deals on individual components, avoid places like PC world.
  8. If your talking about PPM's that they already have got the the player information screen and it should be bottom right, if you want to train new PPM's it should be under development then training and there's a small tab saying new PPM, pick a coach and then it should come up with a list.
  9. With all the facepacks etc my SSD is starting to fill up, is there any way I can move the sports interactive folder that contains the facepacks etc to my other hard drive?
  10. Just managed back to back promotions with Orient, been given £12M transfer budget for the PL hopefully I can keep them up. Managed to get Ings from a relegated Burnley last year and he bagged 31 goals in the league. Currently only got Baudry who has averaged 7+ in both seasons and Vincelot who was used as rotation player last year as he can play as a CM CDM RB CB LB, only them two remain from the original squad.
  11. Just finished 3rd in my first season with bony scoring 18 goals in all comps despite spending a long time injured also chipped in with 11 assists, star player had ot be shelvey, scoring 16 in all comps from CM (A) and getting 18 assists
  12. You might also be over FFP and so the club are limiting the amount of wages you can offer
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