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  1. Starke, Badstuber, Alaba, Lahm, Javi Martínez, Thiago and Boateng already injured, Game against Freiburg and Benatia, Lewandowski and Alonso get injured. Benatia wasn't even tackled and had to be subed. That's 9 First Team players out! Clearly, reality needs a fix! Sry... couldn't resist...
  2. Hey, Helge Blendet injured again! Surprise, Surprise! First big win for Lichtenstein should be close. Good performances, but a horrible defence (looking at you Helge!)
  3. So close against Denmark! Looks like we might be able to upset some of the "big" nations in the qualifers. Those littl injuries for Helge Blendet are kind of annoying though....
  4. Really hope HelgeBlendet will feature in Freiburgs first team more often next season. Although Lichtenstein lost quite a few it doesn't look too bad, imho.
  5. Outch! 28% possession against Ireland is not good, but the performance against Andorra was pleasing. Helge Blendet looking good in the first game and miserable against Ireland.... He'll bounce back!
  6. Mighty Helge Blendet with his first goal for Lichtenstein! Hope he gets some first team apps for Freiburg this season. Overall not a bad campaign from Lichtenstein with some nice matches. Looking good so far!
  7. Cracking (well... almost) matches from HelgeBlendet. But those little injuries are annoying. Should've scored more in the first match, but happy with the draw against Latvia.
  8. Welcome back. Good to hear your fine and everything is getting back to normal.
  9. Helge Blendet starting to play like he should. Nice performance against Greece. I guess Lichtenstein will bag some wins next season. Freiburg avoided relegation and there's hope that Helge will be used more frequently. Any transfer rumors yet?
  10. @HelgeBlendet: Won every tackle, won every header and still get bad ratings... #dontgetit
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