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  1. Hi everyone, I took some time last night to holiday in Portugal and reloaded until a team from the Algarve appeared. Once one finally did (C.D.R. Quarteirense) I noticed that they had less than 11 actual players. No goalkeepers in either squad either. Is this normal for this challenge? Thanks.
  2. Bozüyükspor Kulübü Bozüyükspor - 2017/18 - TFF Second League The Club Manager Profile | Finances | Transfers | Staff | Facilities Third season now completed and there have been many talking points. Firstly, i'll just touch upon the fact that both youth & training upgrades have been agreed. I've also had several coaching courses completed for both myself and the staff. The finances on the screenshot look fantastic for a club my size, but this hasn't deducted the youth and training upgrade costs so I expect this to dramatically lower. I made a fair bit of money from transfers. As with most of you guys in the bottom tiers, I've yet to spend a penny on a player. All my incomings have been frees. On my season 2 post, i touched upon the fact that I went for youth players (the majority released from Super League clubs) with potential. A year on a few of them had to be sold. I'm a little concerned that a few more might want to leave this summer. The Players I said on my last post that i'd screenshot my first 11 and comment on each player on a pre-season post. Apologies, I didn't get around to doing this and will ensure I do it for this season ahead. I got carried away! We have a settled squad now, a couple are wanting to leave for bigger clubs but i'll write up on each player on the pre-season 18-19 post to follow. I will mention my player of the season though Volkan Gokcan. This guy has the potential to be a Super League player and has performed admirably the past two season. Volkan Gokcan. The League League Table | Past Positions | Average Attendances | Playoffs Predicted Finish: 6th. Actual Finish: 2nd. Another improvement on the season prior. So close yet so far though! I predicted we'd make playoffs and that's what we did. To lose in the final though was gutting. I just hope we can keep hold of all the important players and go one better next season. The league winners Osmanlispor won with relative ease and were by far the best side. We did well to oust Bucaspor on away goals before losing to the White Leagues Trabzon. The Cup Cup Fixtures[/url] | An improvement in the cup also. Whilst it was brilliant for the players experience to make it to the group stage, it did cost us a lot of points in the league. We were nowhere near challenging the higher league clubs in the group stage merely just aiming to keep the scores down. Summary I'm happy with how the season went up until the last 90 minutes. My starting 11 is now strong enough to get out of this league presuming I can keep the majority of players. Promotion has to be my aim. Club History 15/16 2L Red - League Position 9th - Cup 2nd round - Europe N/A 16/17 2L Red - League Position 7th - Cup 3rd round - Europa N/A 17/18 2L Red - League Position 2nd - Cup Group Stage - Europa N/A
  3. Bozüyükspor Kulübü Bozüyükspor - 2016/17 - TFF Second League The Club Manager Profile | Finances | Transfers | Staff Second season completed and still struggling to get the chairman to agree to youth & training upgrades. Luckily the sponsorship deal in Turkey has once again boosted my finances at the end of the season. I have completed a coaching course though and i'm currently on another course now to further improve my coaching stats. The Players I won't talk about this topic for too long as I'll screenshot and comment on my first 11 in my pre-season post for 2016-2017. We were struggling for balance this season, injuries, unhappiness and contract expiry's. As you can see from my transfers i brought in a lot of youth on frees. Mainly 17-18 year-olds released by the Super League clubs. They have good potential, whether they will ever get near it remains to be seen (my poor training facilities / coaching won't help), but at least they are getting first team football already. The youth became first team regulars after the turn of the new year which coincided with a massive change in my form. The League League Table | Past Positions | Average Attendances Predicted Finish: 12th. Actual Finish: 7th. An improvement on last seasons 9th spot! We started terribly. Only 1 win from our first 10 games. As the youth prospects bedded in and got familiar with the tactic we got stronger as the season went on. We only lost 1 game in the last 13 and it's made me optimistic for the season to come. I feel we can definitely challenge the playoffs at least presuming we keep hold of our current 11. The Cup Cup Fixtures An improvement on last season. We got through the 2nd round only to be beaten easily by a Super League club in Genclerbirligi. Summary I'm happy with how the season went. My squad is as strong as I've had and managed to keep all players from leaving on frees. I'm going to aim for playoffs this season. Alongside the league it would be great to get a couple of favorable cup draws and somehow make it through to the group stage. Club History 15/16 2L Red - League Position 9th - Cup 2nd round - Europe N/A 16/17 2L Red - League Position 7th - Cup 3rd round - Europa N/A
  4. IOA - What a great first season and exciting finish! I imagine you were predicted relegation at the start of the season so you did really well to survive. rlipscombe - Like IOA, well done on staying up. Are you looking to add immediate quality to your team or going along the lines of youth with potential in mind for the future? Romanista1994 - A successful 2nd season in the Super Lig and a foundation to build on. Some of your Turkish players are coming along nicely. I feel I'm along way away from where you are at in my game. I'll update this evening, still in the bottom tier and on for another midtable finish in the bottom league. Any interest from the bigger teams in your players?
  5. Bozüyükspor Kulübü Bozüyükspor - 2015/16 - TFF Second League The Club Manager Profile | Finances | Transfers | Facilities My finances looked fine ending the season. £300k prize money boosted the accounts. I've yet to get the chairman to agree in upgrading the training and youth facilities. The Players Gurler | Aday | Erenler | Colak | Fatih Aydin I signed almost a complete new squad. With odds of 2000-1 at the start of the season, the low number of players i did inherit were not good enough. Screenshots are of some of the better players i signed. The stats aren't exactly impressive. The League League Table Predicted Finish: 18th. Actual Finish: 9th. We only managed 1 win in our first 9 league games. Things were desperate. We tried a few of the younger players and as they got familiar with the tactics things picked up. We did amazingly rise up to 7th at one point but ended up in a much more than expected 9th spot. Hopefully we can consolidate next season, keeping hold of the staff and strengthening the playing squad. Also crossing my fingers that not too many of the ‘bigger’ PTT1 clubs come down. The Cup Cup Fixtures Unsurprisingly we were knocked out of the cup in the first round. Something I’m definitely looking to improve on next season. Summary I’m delighted with how the season went. We are in positive money and more than exceeded the expected league position. I’ll be looking to improve both youth and training facilities this upcoming season.
  6. Thanks Tecmo. Yeah, 3 games in and I've been beaten comfortably in each. The difference in quality of player between the top 3rd division clubs and me is huge. This is definitely a challenge with the club i've selected! Bring it on!
  7. Thanks guys, think i'm going to need it. Check these odds out!
  8. Bozüyükspor Kulübü Bozüyükspor - 2014/15 - TFF Second League Facilities | Information | Profile Bozüyük is a town and district of Bilecik Province in the Marmara region (North West) of Turkey. It is the biggest town in the province with an estimated population of 62,000. Summers are warm to hot, humid and moderately dry whereas winters are cold and wet and sometimes snowy. The Club Bozüyükspor is a Turkish sports club founded in 1973 and now playing in the Turkish second league. The highest achievement in the clubs history is that of playing in the old second league in the 1991-92 season, something we shall repeat this season. The Stadium Bozüyükspor play their home games at the Bozüyükspor Sehir Stadium. It has a capacity of 4,100. My initial thoughts are towards that of a tricky start. I don’t have much knowledge of the Turkish football leagues and have discovered that no non-Turkish players can be signed. A complete overhaul of the squad is required along with staff recruitment.
  9. Thanks Gundo, I've done this challenge before but never got involved with posting until now. Not off to a good start. No win in first 3. Another thing to note in Ukraine to make the challenge even tougher. We have to name 8 Ukrainians in the starting line up and Dynamo Kievs second team is in the league. Whilst I don't believe they can get promoted their team is much stronger than the majority of squads. Some good youth players.
  10. FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro Cherkasy Cherkaskyi Dnipro - 2014/15 - Ukrainian First League - who? what? where? FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro is a professional Ukrainian football club based in the city of Cherkasy, Ukraine. Their home stadium is known as 'Central' and has a capacity of 10,321. The city of Cherkasy is located on the bank of Dnieper River, some 200km south of the capital Kiev. First News | Information | Profile | My initial thoughts are that Ukraine will be a difficult challenge this season. A 16 team league has just one promotion spot. The league winner. With a Prem side coming down each season it will be really tough to build a team to challenge. At the other end of the table there are two automatic relegation spots (15th & 16th). The team finishing 14th has a playoff against a team from (the unplayable) 2nd league.
  11. My first season was very similar Trunks. Sassuolo seem very overpowered considering the media prediction. Going into season 2 my squad was even stronger.
  12. Yeah couldn't quite believe it myself. Selling Sansone for £16m gave me chance to sign 2 first team players. Napoli seemed to have bought several midfielders/wingers and were struggling with unhappiness. My starting 11 at the start of season 2 is: Consigli, Darmian, Munoz, Balanta, Murru, Romero, Chibsah, Pereyra, Berardi, Insigne, Zaza. Very strong team now.
  13. Busy first summer for my Sassuolo team guys: Had to fill the squad out. Tried to go along with Italian bias with the odd South American with the exception of Bakkali. At the start of season one I signed Balanta & Romero. Picked up Bernardeschi, Bonazzoli, Romagna, A.Traore & Lazzari on loan.
  14. 7 games in and this result really has me believing that we could well challenge at the top. An absolute domination and the players morale is sky high!
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