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  1. I didn't say my club will buy players already contracted. I mean free unattached players of too high qualities for your division, they are easy to come. Although, AI don't try to sign the same level qualities as you, it is then your team only dominating the division, not because they have a genius manager but the squad CA become way above the rest in the division.
  2. - pace is too much over-rated in ME especially for strikers. - Big strong slow Strikers are useless - Only Strikers and wingers are scoring goals from open play, it's rare for CMs to score even when using a lone striker formation. - hard to score from crosses except wingers at far post even if they are short usually manage to head it goal. - 442 is almost the best formation in attack and defense & 451 is the worst in both!! So Barcelona with their 433(451) in game suck with Guardiola - very few goals from direct FKs and too many from corners
  3. In fact managing in lower leagues are too much easier than top tier, that's because in FM11 you could have championship quality players in your blue square premier club. Hence, Back to back promotions are easy.
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