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  1. I'd like the following adding A spotify/ last fm app so I can listen and skip songs etc mid game when playing full windowed An app to an online FM chat rooms so I can chat away whilst playing much like I could in FML ;( Oh and an FML version (I can dream)
  2. yeah this happened to my sons game which I brought him for Crimbo. The ex stopped me seeing him for 6 weeks until I could convince her I hadnt brought him a ripped off version for Christmas! Messages/Accusations such as this one is unhelpful to paying customers and doesnt stop the piracy and really need removing
  3. simple solution here for you. Turn your internet connection off when you are playing FM and close steam down and set to "off line mode" when you are surfing. Whats the problem?
  4. I'd like the ability to actually start my game on 31/1 or 2/2 with the leagues as they are IRL, obviously due to resources this couldnt be done for every league in the game I realise but it should be possible say for the every English league and the main european top leagues surely?
  5. I say that every week, sooner or later I will be right \o/
  6. Personally I hope they hang fire for a few more weeks, with the big new stories IRL over the last couple of weeks (Capello & Rangers etc) I would prefer to wait a little longer have these included in the update, rather then have to listen to everyone moaning that this wasnt updated
  7. Buy FM12? Depends on if you already have Steam, if you have then its a yes go out and buy it. If you dont have Steam already I would say NO until you have read up on Steam and then make an informed choice
  8. This thread is about the size of the football being to small and the 1st reply from anyone linked with SI/Sega/this forum being SI cant zoom in any further due to licensing issues, I and most reasonable people wouldnt expect details seen on FIFA, but we should be able to zoom in a little more than we can currently and to blame licensing issues for this not happening is lame!!!
  9. This seems to be a well worn excuse on these forums for anything and everything and its wearing very thin! Are you seriously suggesting that they need a special license to have a camera view closer to the action then currently?
  10. I miss it also, but lets be quite frank here, the game appealed to far to many users to be economically viable
  11. so its just laziness that you as a company think its easier just to tell people that are using an illegal copy of the game? Even by Sega's standards of customer service that amazes me
  12. Matt, Would it not be an idea to state this on the webpage that comes up rather than accusing your paying customers of using an illegal copy?? Cheers
  13. No I arent & it worked fine upto yesterday and nothing has been installed since I last logged in.
  14. I have legit purchased CM/FM every version since CM2, I would never ever consider buying a cracked version. Yet who are the ones being punished by SI? It was a minor annoyance that I had to download a third party software host in order to play a game I spent £30 on, nevertheless I did indeed download Stream and purchased the game direct from then. 4 months later this morning I try to open the game and immediately a webpage comes up saying Saga has detected I am playing an original version!! And if I disagree I should contact Support? WTF are you even thinking of doing this rubbish? I legally spent my money on YOUR game and then for absolutely no reason one Sunday morning you think you have every right to shut it down and refuse to allow me to play it until I await your rubbish support to decide that Stream hasnt sold me a hacked version? Seriously I will be not be purchasing another one of your games.
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